Im mad!

i just saw a chozo offering a hamburger to samus on the mockup screens section and im not happy with this!!!

This is absolute spam, no excuse.

On a side note: To really take offense to that, you must be some cult fanatic, lol.


…wtf!? …im not even going to ask…well…another topic to add to the longest topic group of them all…

He refers to the hamburger bomb in the demo. <_<


He’s referring to

Oh. Guess that’s where DF got the idea…


yhea i am very fanatic about the hole metroid thing… and i hate when someone try to polute (with things like screw attack jokes) the serie

…does this really deserve a topic?

Fun fact: random n00bs don’t decide what does and does not get to survive as a topic.
Fun fact: mods do.
Fun fact: Three mods have already posted here.

In conclusion, silence, mortal. >_>

so…your in favor of tyranny type situations?

also, i didn’t say it had to be or should, or anything, if you notice, it was a question daz, not an order :neutral_face:

And he’s saying, sure it does, since 3 mods don’t mind it.

As for why logically it’s okay: it’s a comment. This section is for ideas/comments.

k tim

…though i have the feeling something is wrong here…

yada yada yada nobody will do nothing about it? im sure you would find more fans by deleting that image


That image attracts more fans, if anything, because most people find it funny, and not in any way hurtful. It’s just a joke…

u guys have to joke arround everthing… all right… is not here anymore who complained

I like it… it’s funny.

I think that was declared though…


Uh whats the point of being mad just becuase of a hamburger in the demo, Don’t worry to much the main game will not have any hamburgers in there. And I have been to alot off forums and they are talking about this games and how good it is so far, I think the demo is great.