Im knew

What can you do here and I have one question I found the P2D Sprites of Samus and was wondering if I can use them and let other people use them as well.

and Im from the Nintendo Forums
so help?

I misspeld new:D

No, the P2D Samus sprites will not be allowed for use in any game but P2D.

you already made three topics on this!??! You have to be banned(the metroid dude not mason. btw mason get on msn :stuck_out_tongue:)

Great scott. I think we just found a human that somehow bypassed evolution and made it to the modern age with the intelligence of a mentally deficient prokaryote.

nice one dazz…nice one…

is rolling floor laughing (at this rate it will take him 40,000years(or more)to reach our point)

So… are you going to ban him or lock this?
By the way MetroidHunter, If MH or whoever really wanted their sprites to be used won’t it be THEM who show it off not some no-skilled idiot that just want to look cool? And just because you come from the Nintendo forum dosen’t make you special. I come from the Nintendo forums too but I don’t think anyone knows that do they?

Hey, holdup. I think i know you Metroidhunter. Anyhow, yes, you will piss people off by starting 3 topics that all say the same thing. This forums isnt nearly as active as the Nsider forums (unless it’s the jesus topic). But i dont htink they’ll let you use their sprites.

BTW, check me out on the graphics board!!

Also, his request was innocent enough, i dont think you should ban him.

no, he deserves a ban. He just spammed 3 topics and clearly said that he would let other people use the sprites that MetroidHandler made <_< without permission, I hate that… someone give me his address I am gonna beat him =D

do people around here have to be so harsh with punishments?

you could just give him 99%warn XD

one more wrong move and you’re banned, in that scenario

it goes by 10s

Just found? If you haven’t noticed they’re everywhere. lol

(And by that I don’t mean everyone:>_>: )

Dude, give him 80% warn, and be done with it. I think he’s just used to the activeness of the Nsider forums, where you can Nstantly (pun intended) get about 20 comments.

thats the worst pun ever…

meh… the topic can be locked if the mods want… also, they can do whatever they want about his warn, too…

I just dont feel he had any bad intentions. Im not trying to minimod, im just saying that its not suprising for someone to ask for the samus sprites.