I'm glad to be a member

I like this forum alot, Its now one of my hobies when I get home from school. All the Admins and Mods are great, Nice, Freindly, Peaceful, and Clam.

chokes on peice of bread cough cough


Is that sarcasm? <_<;;

Either way, er, glad to hear you like it, I think…?

No, no sarcasm.

er…coughs, administators and mods have not ALWAYS been perfect ya know, and they could have handled some situations while remaining more courtious, though for the most part the posters other than them start flaming, and for the most part they do seem quite respectful. er…i have to ask though…are you on drugs…? nobody seems that cheery…nobody… >_<…

The perfect part was a joke right? LOL :slight_smile:
I won’t say JK cuz I think you know i’m gonna say it

I never knew the Admins and Mods were shellfish.

Well, that’s great that the Admins/Mods are Clam.

Okay, I don’t see this going anywhere besides more clam jokes, and the point has been made… <_<