I'm back! With a game in the works.

First, I need people with some RPG Toolkit experience. RPGCode is always nice.

Second, I need people who can make tiles by adapting ones that they’re given.

Third, sprites of the characters, and the blander enemies/bosses. The more extravagant enemies and bosses are going to be done myself, and then I’ll have someone shade them.

Fourth, just so everyone who might help out knows, This is an EXTREMELY high-concept idea, and I’ll give the story to few other people, the people being the ones to use the code to do the messages and stuff, AND they’ll be under a vow of silence. I’m doing all screen items myself, screen items being swords and shields when they’re on the ground.

Fifth and finally, this IS a fangame. The game in question is Final Fantasy V. I was looking at images of the last boss sprites yesterday and realized just how close to my own creations they were. and so, I thought to myself… “How about I create a game with the majority of the things freaky like that, keeping in line with the Final Fantasy trend of having each game with a COMPLETELY different storyline?” So… I started the extremely high-concept idea that for the most part you people know nothing about. Yeah.

Oh, this sounds like a cool game. I’ll join up. I would be able to help you find the sprites you need.

Find? These need to be scratch x_x I’m sorry, but finding said sprites would be an impossibility. However, if you’re still up to it, you can still be in the team.

Aw, screw it. Just forget I said anything then. I don’t know how to sprite from scratch. The best i’m capable of doing is just editing other people’s sprites and taking credit for it…

Sounds like me!

Anyways, if you can do anything like draw concept art, that’d be nice.

Draw concept art?! I can barely f*cking draw. Just pretend I never said anything, cause i’m only making myself look more pathetic here.

Nice idea! Throwing Metroid into a third genre :slight_smile: . I can offer a tiny bit of help, only if you become desperate of course.

I can draw bad concept art…