Im a spriter, and i need pictures

Ive been spriting for a while now, but need quality pictures to do remakes for some of my sprite sheets. For now i need…

In game shots of GF troopers (MP2)

In game shots of Weavel (MPH) and the half turret

In game shots of Noxus (MPH) and Vhoscythe

In game shots of Kanden (MPH) and stinglarva

In game shots of space pirate commandos (MP2) not dark


im sure if u do a google on those things itll pop up with lots of images. besides, the only GF troopers u see are dead or dark, unless you’re watching the little movie they made (watch the cutscene near the beginning)

IGN’s videos/images should be pretty useful for the Hunters. The bottom-left video has a good shot of Weavel at about 0:41, I believe.

As for the GF Troopers and Space Pirates…
This looks accurate, if a little dark, and I’m pretty sure some good Pirate Shots can be found simply through Google Images.

Thanks, but i have dialup, so downloading video’s isnt conveinient, but ill wory about it later. If you could find me an in game pic, or get the pic for me, that would be great. If anyone has any GF scenes from the movie, thatd be great to.

I also need.

The GF TSR ship from MP2 (preferably rendered)

The new space pirate ships from MP3 corruption.


Oh I know how you feel about Dial-Up, I think its a cavemen compared to the other connection.

And here’s the Space Pirates in the ship
SP in Ship

But I can’t find the full ship on IGN.

The ship shot is great!! But i could still use a full shot. Mabye a picture of when samus battles it. A kindof front side view would be excellent. As for the commandoes and GF, i dont really need that much, i think i have enough screenshots. But i still need screenshots of Noxus, Kanden, and Most importantly WEAVEL!!! The GF TSR can wait too, i guess.

Thanks for helping