If you met Samus what would you do?

I would ask her to let me see her ship and bring me to the chozo to train me.I would become a bounty hunter like her. :smiling_imp:

Try to score it with her.

I would tell her to quit bothering with those stupid bounty hunter missions and become a cook. Samus would be a good cook, don’t you think? Plus, Samus would look REALLY cute with one of those chief hats on! ^^

I’d ask her why the hell the place just happens to explode as soon as she kills a boss. Its not like they hit a self destruct switch.

oh for that i have a explanation… i do those auto-explosions… thats my job, i stay on a closed room and theres a big monitor divided in inifinite cells that lemme see each metroid game being played… when the player kill the boss i press the gigant red button to activate the auto explosion

(theres also a friend of mine who is responsible for locking the doors when you enter in the boss arena)

Good luck.I hope you have plenty of children :laughing:

Since the human race is weak and will die out a Metroid-Human crossbreeding program is the only answer.

I would ask her if she wants to see MY ship :laughing:

Squints at Timaster Explain…

It’s halfway a reference to the Hitchhiker’s guide, and halfway a… reference to my weiner.

Well…I still got it first full way.

cough cough choke choke :smiley: :laughing:
OMG you guys are the funniest comedians IN THE WORLD! You guys, SCORE WITH SAMUS? FUNNEH!
cough cough choke choke :smiley: :laughing:

One: Ask for autogrpah
Two: Ask why are you here?
Three: Do you have a spare suit of armour and/or can I stow away or have a trip on her ship - I would be a good cook (given pratice).

My natural Metroidian charm is unavoidable.


I’ll score with anyone <_<

Rule #1
Never NEVER mess with a banning mod…

Faint or pee my pants :blush:
my friends all say I’d try to make a move on her and than she’d blow my head off :unamused:

Oh crap I’m out of here…
But seriously don’t you think that this is getting too far?
Ok now I’m gone

I would ask her why she always looses her stuff in the beginning of the games. Probably because of her alzheimers…

If I remember because of ING, Explosions, and Ridley…