if you could replace one beam

which beam would you replace?

  • power
  • wave
  • ice
  • plasma
  • light
  • dark
  • annihilator
  • charge-combos(any)
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and what would you replace it with?

Well, I wouldn’t really replace it, rather rename it. Change the annihalator beam to chaos beam.

why chaos?

id replace the ice beam with some kind omega beam type thing where the dark and light beam like fuse together and just mess up everything right in the face

Annihilator Beam?
Annihilator Beam’s name actually makes perfect sense. The combination of matter and antimatter is known as annihilation. :wink:
I’d replace the Sunburst with something useful. :smiley:

How about the Burniator Beam??? (Looks back at favirote beam thread,)

I would like to drop the Dark and Ice Beam, they’re slow rate of fire SUCKS. I would replace it with a faster beam, like a combo between the Wave Beam and the Plasma Beam.

The Dark Beam doesn’t fire that slow… I think the Light Beam goes slower.

shudder Annhialator. That SUCKED! I beat the living daylights out of Quaddy, and all I get is that?! At least it could have had a cool name-

Rift Ripper (R&C3)

Apocalypse Blaster

Chaos Eruptor

Look at those! They’re all good names.

I would replace anihilator, not beacuse its bad, but beacuse I already have that beam basically I have light and dark beams which together Is anihilator.

well… actualy no I would just change It like make the carge home in on enimes and why does a merge of light and dark energy make a powerfull sonic aspect?

Annihilation (self-destruction of matter and antimatter) produces immense side effects, in other words, energy. It’s just that in this game they express that energy as sonic power.

I wonder what would happen in real life? :confused: :confused:

A flash of light. Then a big gaping hole of vacuum.

…The dark beam is almost as fast as the power beam, yknow… but the ice is definitely too slow.

And they shoulda just named the Annihilator the Sonic Beam. Annihilator is cheesy and makes no sense. Sound doesn’t annihilate things any more than a miniature black hole would, heck, it would do so LESS.

Annihilator Beam does make sense for reasons I already stated. It still sounds cheesy though.

i would want to get rid of the Wave beam in return for the Spazer. the wave beam wasn’t particularlly good looking, or helpful in the games. (well, maybe it was ok in Metroid II, but definetely not in MP).

The Wave was awesome! In fact, every beam except power in MP was cool. Especially the Plasma and Hyper.

Excuse me?! It was used in tons of puzzles, and great for stunning strong enemies… plus it homes in… it may do the least damage of all beams, but it shoots three shots at once and has lots of other great attributes.

Wave Beam really is weaker than Power Beam? :laughing: Or is it just the damage/time ratio?

The wave beam is weaker than the power beam individually, but it shoots three shots at a time so it usually does more damage.