if you could have any power what would it be?

I would pick, control of air, shapeshifting, and phycick power (aka telepathy, telekenises ect. ect. ect.) what would you pick??? :confused:

The power to kill a Yak 100 ft away, being able to eat stinglarvas and of course being able to do the best solos in the world with an Ukulele.

thats very interesting, did you get that first one from league of extrordany gentlemen?

The ability to will something dead, the ability to regulate my body tempature at will, the ability to have anything I want just by thinking of it.

If you mean me; then no. It’s from a song called Wonderboy.

I would read minds,run at 3,000 miles per hour,and be so strong that if i would touch superman or anyone else(including you),you would die.

…so…like…if you ran fast and touched superman, someone else would die? …coool…

lets think… summon demons to aid u in a fight, controll of darkness…controll of fire…

errr… demon powers would be cool, but the church would chase you… all the powers of that lance guy we created for our comic. right, worldh8r666. or create guns with air…

the same powers my main character in my game. But that exeeds the 3 powers only limit. He is super strong, faster than superman for a short period of time, very intelligent, shoots energy beams from his hands, has energy beam blades on his wrist, and is the only one who can hold the sword able to destroy anything. well yes, this is a lot of shit. but I’d say super strong, super fast, and have that sword would be great.

the power to summon roasted turkey…

mmm turkey… if anything of that sort, the power to summon roasted ham!!!

or even… BACON!!!

bacon ftw :smiley:

Lets see…
Three did you say…?

  1. A way to make veal without eating little tortued baby cows
  2. To be able to speak and understand any language
  3. The power to regenerate into a new body once the one I am using dies

The power to remember all of the dreams I’ve had in the past.
The power to run, jump, and fly at incredible speeds.
The power to change the temperature of air around me at will.

The power to form thing that you want and turn rocks into gold or platium

One would be to telekinetically interact with anything in my enviornment. communitcated with machines/human/animal minds, lift objects, manupulate objects/alchemy/reshape etc…

two would be to shape/manipulate my own body by thinking, but be able to naturally revert to my original form

three to move my body at extremely high speeds and fly.

There, that covers just about everything you could possibly imagine.

thats totally gross dude, we didn’t want to know about that, lol

Time power!!!

control the time rocks

Howso. Im already huge, i dont need to increase the size of my… Srry, couldnt resist. But you could turn into anything, like a bird, or a tree, or a zoomer!!!

I luv Zumerz.

these are my three powers:

Destroy the world
fly to narumi
save the narumians :slight_smile: