if u live near seattle

my cat just died in a tragic car accident and i want to just say to those drunk assholes
FUCK U :cry:

If you live near seattle?

I dont get that part, but fuck drunk drivers. Sorry bout your cat.

Yea I know what you’re feeling. We had 4 cats at the start of the year, one was shot by a juvenile delinquent and the other was hit by a semi. Both where favorites. One liked to sleep on my bed and other was the prettiest cat we had. It is sad but the other cats seen to be more social now. Maybe they’re trying to fill the gap.

shot? you should find that kid and break his legs.

Yes I know. My dad said he was going to talk to the kid’s father but that has not happened yet >_>

I’m sorry 'bout your cat…all of your cats… :cry: whoever is killing cats DESERVES A PAINFUL PAINFUL DEATH… :imp:

i hate cats. i dont kill em or hurt em or anything, but their personalities are all so king of the castle and it kinda makes me sick. we have cats in our backyard all the time and they come and go as they please, having no consideration for who actually owns that plot of land and which rabbits of the current owner are running around outside (possible next victims? [I’ve seen them eat birds before]). they seem to come more often when my rabbit is outside, thus proving there is something from the rabbit they want (most likely food).

a dog’s eaten my rabbit before, so whats stopping a cat from?

Who knows? Maybe some cat will. Our cats don’t have that ‘king of teh castle’ complex. They’ll come and visit you while you’re do x number of things, lounge on our beds, run around the house when they’re hyper, chase random things in the yard, or play with each other. BTW one just rubbed my leg.

Damn…I know my dad’s cat from before I was born was hit by a car and another one had its tail run over and then amputated…And dude I know how you feel my family has had three cats during my time that are now dead :frowning: I may not live in Seattle but i feel your pain man.

thanks guys it has been sad to me and i feel sorry for your animals also

It’s always sad when an animal you have had for so long dies. But by the hands of a drunken bastard or angry sex crazed teen, that just pisses you off. I remember I had some cat named Pooshy, he was fat, he was awesome though. He went missing for a couple days, then we found him in the yard half dead. Some fucker had poised him… He died a couple hours later, nothing deserves to die like that…

My cat ran up a telephone pole and got electricuted… Fuck that night sucked ballz. It was chased by another cat up there, yeah I wanted to kill it but wouldn’t that make other people sad?

so, did you join the forums just to post this? i just noticed you have 2 posts =P

Shoot that kid’s dog to teach him for killing your cat. >_>

Hairy, cats are territorial. They treat you like an equal instead of a master. I don’t see what that’s so annoying.

its annoying because you deserve to be treated like their master.


why not? if the pet is yours then you take care of it and feed it and give it a nice home. if you dont own the pet, it still deserves to give you respect because if they dont, it will appear as if the said pet’s actions are only reflective of the owner’s personality, and it will end up looking like the owner’s wrong.

um… Ok, i’m sorry about your cat man, BTW I live in Oak Harbor (Whidbey Island)

Kinda the same way your parents own you?

yes, and im sure you purchase kids at the store, too >.>