If the X crossed with Phazon...

[u]What would happen if Phazon crossed with the X Parasites?[/u]

* How would the phazon affect the X overall? Which X type would be affected the most? [/color] * How would the phazon affect the Xs' ability to copy their hosts' DNA?
  • How would the phazon affect the Xs’ physical appearance?

  • How would the X benifit from the phazon infusion. How would the infusion be harmful?
    Above are some example questions you could try to answer, of course, you can always ask other questions, or come up with your own theories or explanations.


[u]My explanations for my first example question[/u]

1: I think the effects would depend on the type of X. Pure X (the common yellow, green, and (less common) red X) would most likely be affected the most by the phazon, since they have the weakest protection. The phazon, would either kill the X, or make them split even faster without the need of a host, similar to it’s effects on metroids. It may give them protective armor, or make them lose some of their abilities, such as floating or absorbing a host’s DNA.

Ice X (the large blue ones found in sector 6) would be second in line in terms of being affected by the phazon. Due to thier ice-like “bodies”, however, the effects phazon would most likely be weakened or completly nullified, so the biggest changes the phazon would make in these X would either just be a physical one, or no change would occur at all.

Next, would be the Unarmored Core X. Because the core xs’ protective covering can normally only be breached by concussive blasts, the phazon would most likely be rejected by it. However, phazon is a powerful substance, so it may also be capable of breaking through the shell. If the phazon did affect a core X, it would most likely have more deadly affects (to other creatures, not the X) than the other X, such as enhacing the X’s armor even further, or giving the X more abilities, incuding possibly, a “phazon beam”.

  • I have no “direct” explanation for the phazon beam, however the affects of phazon are generally differnent in different organisms, so there’s no evidence disproving it either.

Finally, the X that would be least affected by the phazon would probably be the Armored Core X. Like the Unarmored Core X, the protective shell surrounding these X would most likely reject the phazon from entering their “bodies”. No convential weaponry or substance in Metroid Fusion has proven the ability to breach through this armor, so the phazon probably wouldn’t be able to breach through the armor either. However, nothing proves this, so if it were to happen, the affects of phazon on the armored core X would probably be the same as on the unarmored core X, since, both are… core X.

The affects phazon would have on the “Mega Core X” (miniboss found in sector 6) would probably be the same as those on a core X, since the Mega Core X is pretty much just an oversized version of a regular core X.

If Phazon really was a biproduct of Metroid spwan/creation, then could the X Parasite even absorb Phazon?
That’s ma question! :smiley:
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No if an X absorbed a Phazon enhaced creature the X would absorb the power of Phazon. The X would undergo several changes such as being able to directly absorb Phazon and cross DNA of their host to give it more abilities.

… making it an even deadlier X. But seriously, if Phazon is so volatile, how can anyone expect what it would do to the X in question? There’s an infinite number of eventualities.

…because the X are always changing.

you know what i think? i think this could be the start of yet ANOTHER fan game =p of course i wouldnt start it, but maybe someone else might get an idea from this thread?

…And then it would fall through because it’s such a bad idea?