Ideas for a new metroid game

There has to be a game after fusion! :astonished:
now, mp3 would be a good idea.
maby I’m going to far. :confused: :O_O:

I’ve had an idea cooking for a while.

The Galatic Federation has put Samus on Trial for the destruction of thier research facility and the Planet SR388. Samus tries to explain her reasons for destroying the X parasite, but it doesn’t hold and she get’s stripped of her suit and is thrown in a holding cell.

Adam, the computer of her ship, plans an escape attempt and is successful. Samus soon learns that the federation is continuing thier research on creating an Omega metroid on other facilities. The Space Pirates make a move and attack one, and steal the Omega Metroid. So Samus now travels to the Space Pirate base on Planet ME453 to destroy the Omega metroid and any trace of space pirate research.

Still planning it out and smoothing out some of the edges but that’s the general gist of it.

Metroid coming to earth…

Oh wait thats coz I’m doing that :stuck_out_tongue:

Samus discovers that Adam’s purpose in blowing up the station was an attempt to silently remove Samus from the world by making it look like an accident. Working with the Federation, he realizes that they’ll never be able to continue raising their Metroids while Samus lives. They imprison her in the Galactic Federation High Security Prison, strip her of her suit, and put her into the most secure cell available.

Most of the space pirates have given up on metroid raising because they realize it is far too dangerous. While they’re not fans of the Federation, they know it could exterminate nearly all life if they got out of hand–and knowing the Feds, it definitely would get out of hand. Sure, that’s what they wanted to happen anyway–death to all!–but THEY wanted to do it, plus, the metroids might attack them, too. They assault the prison and bust out Samus in the hopes that she’d help them take down the metroid breeding facilities. With the aid of new pirate equipment and upgrades, she flies from faciity to facility to destroy the metroids on each. The level selector would work like the old Megaman games, but on a ‘galaxy map’ with her ship being free-flying to go to any facility in range. Each facility would give her an upgrade suited for it, and if she wins the mission she can keep it for other upgraedes. To keep the Metroid style, there are also hidden powerups and upgrades aboard the breeding facilities you’ll have to search for. All is going well, when they discover that the Federation has made an alliance with the other faction of space pirates–the ones that still want to breed metroids. At their head? Ridley himself. The Ridley battles occur in random levels much like Vile in Megaman X8, and the end of the game will be a battle against Ridley and Adam. Samus then destroys the final hatchery…

After the credits roll, a single tube of metroid DNA rolls out of the hatchery’s door through the smoke. A Fed. officer picks it up and laughs… “The End?”

Samus can’t be stripped of her suit. Its organically attached to her nervous system as it says in Fusion.

Maby because her suit is organicly attached to her, they could strip all of her weapons and abilities? :confused:

i agree with zachtroid’s idea, that would work…

Samus can indeed remove her suit… ever seen, you know, the endings? The problem in Fusion was that she has to be AWAKE to remove her suit. If they stripped her while she was awake, it would be fine.

Sorry, I was a bit confused. I’ve never even played Fusion anyway.

It says in the intro that the suit can’t be removed while she’s unconscious. Naturally, the Feds in my storyline would make sure she was conscious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or they could use a variant of the special magic Samus uses in the 75% ending of MP2. :laughing:

Well it’s more like only she can take the suit off.

They should play with the idea that Samus is now part Metroid. Maybe she’ll gain energy absorbing powers to use against the Fed/Pirates.

Don’t absorb energy! Go for their brains! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: Though it would be an interesting twist for lore…

Now about mp3… Do ya think it will happen?

It’s already in the works I heard. (According to my friend in the industry that is)

I think there is some sort of connection of the chozo and luminoth. They sorta got the same concept if you know what I mean.

I just think the Metroid creators are obsessed with bird people. Next Metroid: Samus Meets Big Bird!

I think they’re more obsessed with changing the Space Pirates every game.

I like the metroid prime two space pirate commandos the best

They are like teh 00b3rs! Too bad you only fight them twice…