I was thinking...

I remember that Nintendo was going to put in a kraid for MP in the Phazon mines, but didn’t because he was WAAAAAY too big! So I was thinking of making a phazon mutated Kraid so that you can still get the Phazon suit after beating him.

Is this a good idea?

kinda…they are making it exactly like mp so there is no chance of what you said happening.

BUT it does not have to be, I remember one of the ADMINS saying there are more special secrets and powerups, so we could AT LEAST make the Omgea Pirate a mini-boss and Kraid the boss.

i was thinking about it to it sounds good enough

its not like mp then…im not saying its not a reasonable idea, its just unlikely, thats all.

No, that’s a bad idea. This game is a replica of MP. However, it has been suggested to put kraid in the game, and if he is, he will be a secret boss, found in a secret room. No omega replacement, no omega mini. Omega, then kraid, if you can find him, and that’s only if someone does the sprites.

or maybe have it as an unlockable after beating the game

On the death of Samus sceane I think you should show her outside her Power Suit, like in Super Metroid.

how about if you beat the game on hard you can unlock the kraid fight.

Post dates.

Anyhow, this really isnt relevant, since CFX will be doing the whole game, which will come MUCH MUCH later. Not only that, but we have no clue how the kraid fight would work, since we dont know how they intended for kraid to fight.

A good idea at first glance, but too complicated, since we’d also have to make more enviornemnt leading up to him, and mess up the map etc…

An unlockable would make sense, it would be the same room, be just like the MZM, Kraid fight, and he would be inside a glass tank that smashes when you enter the room.
Cept he would need some sorta phazon attack.

I think I have an idea for the Hive Mecha fight.

When the Ram War Wasps come out, they fly in a circle going above, behind, under, and in front of Samus, stopping only at certain points above the water, never under it.

Here’s a more accurate example:

I know it’s eyeburning but it’s only an example

While I have absolutely no power in what goes into the game, I dont think it’s a bad idea. Of course, you should have started your own thread, not posted in this one.

that’s a lovely example of a P2D game made with ripped Metroid I sprites & environments it is also a good way of doing the hive mecha battle