I want to sign up over HERE instead of SCU...

SCU is taking forever to actually activate my account, so if I can’t sign up here, it’ll take forever for me to even ask if I can join. So, here goes:

May I please join up? I would like to be a music creator.

EXAMPLE: Crashed Frigate Theme


I know next to nothing about midis, but that sounds pretty damn good IMO, for what it’s worth. Simple, but so was the real song.

Sooooo. I take it that I’ve got the job?

Just know that I won’t be on here at all from 12/24 to 1/2. But I might be bringing my computer with me on vacation, so I might have another midi done. But don’t count on it.

If it were up to me, then hell yes, but perhaps we need a second opinion. >_> I can’t do music so I’m easily impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

your link doesn’t work.firefox tells me that the connection takes too long.

Hmm… I use firefox, too, and it works just fine for me, and apparently Dazzy, too.

Crashed Frigate theme

Just try it again.

Works on firefox here.

It sounds great, but it is too plain and much like the original. The actual style of our midis are remixes, and not normally just a similarity. Very good work though, and the actual tune is greatly accurate.

So what if it’s identical? Our Phendrana is identical, si? They aren’t ALL remixes.

Okay let’s see here…

The tempo is slightly off, but I suppose that doesn’t matter much. It’s not as accurate as it could be. Some sections aren’t in the right places, I think I heard a few chords that were wrong, the main theme has some odd notes here and there, the synthesized background noises are missing, the main melody with chords are extremely loud and accented while the background piano… what are those, quintuplets or triplets? My MIDI program (Anvil Studio) is undoubtedly inferior to yours, as it just displays dotted thirty-second notes with a random assortment of rests between them. Oh wait, did you actually record yourself playing this song? Well anyways, whatever those notes are, they’re too soft compared to the obnoxiously-loud melody w/ chords. Oh, and then there’s the obvious fact that it’s not finished, so I won’t critisize the end of it yet. Er… wait, is this finished? The end seems a little too lacking and inaccurate…

Heh, I tend to do this, where I point out every single little detail wrong with everything while completely overlooking the good parts. I’m not trying to be rough on you, that’s just the way I am. So what I should be saying is this: You’ve done an great job! I think you should be part of the team, and I’m sure everyone else will agree.

Unfortunately, the crashed Frigate song 2 has already been done… HOWEVER, the other one is very similar to this one, but progress on it seems to have stopped. If you improve this one a little more I think we’ll just use this one instead… We’ll have to see what the other MIDI-makers think.

Here’s a list of the music we have done, and the music we still need to be done:
P2D Music list
Note: The newest Frigate demo ones aren’t on there yet. I’ll get to that.

Once again, good job!

I really have no place in this, and I also have not even… heard… that song… in forever…

But I believe that maybe he did the ending that way to make the loop work better? possibly? You can’t very well have a looping midi with a highly accented obvious ending. It… doesn’t work.

Alright, before I get myself into some kind of trouble, I’ll shut up here…

Well… not really. I’m surprised that my program (NoteWorthy Composer) is that realistic.

Also, this song would require three hands and a lot of talent to play on the on the piano, neither of which I have. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I actually never saw the Crashed Frigate theme on the Resources list, so I didn’t know.

HAHA and we’ve strayed away from the topic, but I have a now fixed-up (kinda) remix! :smiley:Clicky

Hey thats good. Im a midi maker in my spare time. ill try to upload some stuff sometime. i dont make metroid music though.

That’s pretty good. The ending was a little bit… weak. But that could eassily be changed.
Good job :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

i think Cloud is right in saying that the ending is like that so it can loop…

but yeah that is Really Good!!

The phendrana midi lacks style, nothing interesting about it. The majority of our midis are remixed with previous metroid game music, which is what makes them so great.

There’s not really much I could do to remix Phendrana, though… I just stuck with accuracy, which, in the case of Phendrana, I thought made up for the lack of anything different.

As for the new Frigate song, let’s see here…

Still a few things I don’t like, but it’s good enough now. It still isn’t finished… In fact, I think you’re missing a few measures at the end, which is why it doesn’t loop well. Could just be my imagination, but it just seems to jump back to the beginning unexpectedly. Whatever, though. I like the rest of it.

Wait a second. Are you “THEGLITCH” from the Nintendo boards?
This is sort of important so please answer.