I Support P2D

Ok, can I get a few things straight first here? For one, I could not contact Lady Ridley to get permission, but due to lack of ingenuity I used P2D’s beta text. :frowning:
Yes, the helmet is ripped and Samus is a ripped SM sprite that’s had a makeover (by me, not stolen). I’d like to know how it looks and if it’s possible to put it in my (and anyone else who wants its) signature. (it’s 122X120 so I’m thinking that it would exceed the height limit)

Nice, I like it. You could shave off a couple of vertical pixels easily - I see a small space between Samus and the border.

Unfortunately I don’t wanna give up my current sig-image… :frowning:

Well, I kind of left some space so that the lines around it wouldn’t meld into the border, but to save room, yeah I probably will. And yes, several lines are really wide in some places and rather thin or nonexistent in others (like the left arm). I’ll probably fix that too, but I’m too tired right now :stuck_out_tongue:

The limit’s 125. It’s fine. The background is quite bland though.

Yeah, I’d have to agree. The background could be a little lighter, IMO - it really is a little bland.

I swear I read somewhere the vert limit was 120… oh well.

Well, what could I do with it? I’m open to suggestions. Anyone?

Make the background a little lighter. That’s pretty much the only suggestion I can think of.

Well, with the new Samus S in place, the background color looks right anyway. However, the background behind the words looks bland, but I’m not a professional spriter and/or I don’t use photoshop. So how is it?

EDIT: Maybe I’ll use it (just the Samus and the S) as my avatar? What do you think?

I think that’s a good idea. I think it’d be a nice avatar.

I like it. Maybe add a little more moving annimation. But that’s just me. If your happy with it now, leave it as it is.