I realize this probably shouldnt go here

Well, I’ve tried to sign up at SCU…but for some reason I can hardly ever get onto the webpage.

Well, while I’m here I might as well show you what Im good at…

-Sound design
-Background art
-Map Design

But Tilesets are my thing. I’ve had maybe 4-5 years experience in graphics. Heres two samples of my tile work.

Unfinished lava cavern tiles I made for a dead RPG I used to work on.

Nearly finished frozen over factory tiles I made for a friend’s Megaman X game.

In true 2d Metroid fashion, I do all my tiles in 16 bit format.

I want to join because this project really intrigues me and I would love to become a part of it. I’m usually on AIM at DeadpoolApparatu (though you have to give me yours first, I have privacy settings up), my email is PhantomGears@gmail.com.

Thanks for your time.

Those are outstanding. :astonished: The MMX ones… I woulda sworn those were rips did I not know otherwise. The RPG ones aren’t quite as amazing, but they’re still good.

:astonished: Thanks!

Well, im trying to get on SCU but like I said, the page is having trouble loading from me. Im usin’ firefox…so I dunno what the deal is.

Im working on more stuff now though. :smiling_imp: