I make ye simple things!

A lil image i got out of some forgotten directory (LOL). Originally made for natural selection (half life mod). Hope u find something to do with it. I thought maybe for a boss’s hp or something. Thx for the feedback

-Hairy Pomegranate =p


Whoops sry its kinda messed up. dropped in UnFreez too fast w/o putting in right order.

Here’s new one.

… What the hell? What, do you think we’re just putting random new things in the game with no rhyme or reason? No, that will not be a boss, nor does it have any place in the game whatsoever. This is Metroid Prime, not… whatever the hell that’s from.

i rly dont know what i was thinking… i might like to start spriting stuff that u WOULD use though

He didn’t mean use it as a boss… :sweat: he meant you may be able to use it as a boss’s HP or whatever meter.

dont dubble post hp bad bad bad

i just realized u had a rule against it sry

Not reading the rules before you post is a 20%^ warning I think.

Indeed. Thanks for being honest, but rules are rules. :slight_smile:

By the way, that DOES look pretty cool, for the record. We just have no use for it.

alright. thx for the compliment. anyway i was thinking about going into spriting for p2d. I may also post a listing of enemies for spriters to work on. If i do, can an admin repost it with diff colored text of names depending if the diff sprites are finished/worked on/open for work?