I love stoners.

They are dumb.


(Beware of massive expletives)

Walid Halabi: whoever doesnt smoke weed ur cock is smal… u jus mad cuz u aint legit like that keep bein poosayys and while ur at it drink water instead of real drinks fagsss

Jenny Paige: yo listen here you little cock you think yo so sick cuz u smoke ganj, i smoke FUCKING METH and snort coke by the boat load. speaking of small dicks how small is yours i could make it a lot smaller if i bit that shit off when im high on PCP BITCH!

Walid Halabi: ight soo we got a fuckin funny white piece of trash in this buildin…u aint legit at all u cant even talk… ur talkin over the fuckin internet wat u do jus go jump off the nearest bridge…n my cock is soo large its touchin ur shoulder right noww n i dont even kno wher ur dirty ass came from… u would wanna bite of my dick u dirtball
hows the corner reppin for u ?
take my advice… Bridgeeee, Jumppppp, Deathh, the lord would thank u for killin urself

Me: I love how friendly you stoners are.

T.j. Testani: ahah dat chick is bitchin!!!

Walid Halabi: she jus mad she aint legitt
im likin the bridge idea anyone elsee??

Patrick McGrath: id have 2 say weed is better for u than meth or coke besides bridge idea is smart

Diana Delonge: Just because someone doesn’t WANT TO smoke weed doesn’t mean they have small dicks. I know many intelligent people who actually smoke weed, and not brag about it. People like you make stoners look like idiots, which is sad. Oh and also, I’m pretty sure you drink water, you don’t live off alcohol and if you do, I’m going to laugh when you die at a young age.

Walid Halabi: do u like gettin boo’d for a livin?

Me: I can’t wait until they’re dying, looking back on their lives and realizing how stupid they are.

Diana Delonge: No, I don’t get boo’d but you make it seem like ANYONE who doesn’t waste they’re life with drugs and alcohol is a loser,your wrong. Your not “cool”. It bothers me how people like you can actually be serious about all this to.

Walid Halabi: i didnt ask if u did get boo’d i asked if u like gettin boo’d
u aint even kno me… jus go bak to ur perfect lil white world

Diana Delonge: LOL, I’m not white you idiot. And I don’t like getting boo’d, but getting boo’d by someone like you, I can care less because I know for a fact that with your attitude and douche-bag personality, no one should care what YOU think about them.

T.j. Testani: ahahah BOO U SLUT GET THE FUCK OUT

Walid Halabi: well if u think no one carin y u still commentin
once again u aint even kno me so i think u should jus bouncee

“u aint even kno me”

That’s gonna be my new catchphrase!

It’s like they’re regressing to the stone[r] age! Someone said they were gonna “fuck [me] up” because I called the police on their druggy pals last year. :laughing:

It’s too bad I don’t think the cops ever showed up, though… They probably got their stuff from those kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, people who think drugs make them cool are stupid. I think it’s an insult to call them stoners though.
Stoners who smoke because of what it does to their minds are cool. And I’ve never seen them get pissy at other people for not doing drugs. In fact, stoners are the chillest people I know.

And just for the record, all the chill stoners I know are white. Walid is an idiot for trying to associate being clean with being white. Cool guy. Jenny is cooler though. “I SMOKE METH HOW BIG IS MY DICK”.

To conclude, I want to take everyone like this, round them up, and shoot them. Good thing I don’t hold office.

Wow. Just… fucking wow.
That was kind of fun to read but those dudes could need a reality check or two.
Just wait till they gett fist punded in jail by a 300 lb. biker called Dog Breath.

The druggies at my school don’t act like that. At least, not all of them. Some are douch?'s about it, but some are like, “If you don’t want to thats cool. Doesn’t mean anything.” It’s fun to hang around high people. They’re funny, and very gullible. evil grin

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