I love Obama.


Okay, interesting topic, but I just want to say that I support Edwards. But, if he’s as flaky as last time, Obama is my guy.

I also find it hilarious that Kerry chose to support Obama over his '04 running mate, Edwards. I betcha in a week Kerry will support Edwards.

Edwards strikes me as horribly underimpressive. He’s just a kinda blustering fellow, not so much a strong leader.

I like Obama as well, but I consider it wishful thinking that he’d actually win, being black myself.

But I TECHNICALLY think Obama should win more as far as having a minority as the face of america. Especially one with a muslim name. It may not make sense to some, but I honestly think Obama has a much better chance of fixing up the mess bush created in the middle east, due to his race alone. The sad fact is that they might be willing to negotiate with someone who doesn’t fit a mold that they’ve come to despise in general.

But I’d prefer Edwards over Clinton. I liked Bill personally, as far as his policies, but hillary is just too…shifty to me. Regardless of policy, I watch her on screen and trust her. Bush at least fits a stereotype we’re all comfortable with.

Anyway, Obama’s a bit young, but he’d get my vote if I was 18.

Um, are black people better at conflict resolution or something?
How do you figure that one?

The only thing I’d agree with is that he has a better cultural background in general, and may be better at understanding some middle eastern customs than your run-of-the-mill white person (be it male or female), but that has nothing to do with him being black. More that he’s a former third culture kid.

No, I didnt mean for you to interpret it that way. People are people, this is psychological.

But I think terrorists are less likely to have any personal vendetta against a black president. There’s never been one in history, so they might give him a chance, especially since he’s half foreign.
And yeah, that too about him having lived in a foreign country. He can definetly relate to them much better than you “run of the mill” white person.

I didn’t mean to come off racist.

So you think the ignorant xenophobic people who attack us for being different will accept a black president because he’s even more different than what they’re used to?

Interesting logic there, chum.

I really don’t think Al Qaeda is at all concerned with skin color, actually. There are plenty of white, black, brown, and yellow members. They’re not, according to Osama, at least, racists.

Also, I didn’t think you were being racist, I just didn’t know where you were coming from.

You’re being a little biased there.

Not just being black. If Obama was just any african american, I wouldn’t make this assessment. He’s half Kenyan, and has a muslim name.

I know it may be difficult for you to see where I’m coming from, but just take my word for it when I say that other countries will be far less biased against America if our president isn’t white. It’s a difference in mindset. What some people think about America will be shattered completely, just because the face of America is different.

I dont necessarily mean Al Queda, I mean foreign policy in general, especially the middle east however.

It’s a cultural thing I’m talking about. I’ve been around people from different countries, especially the third world all my life. Trust me when I say this.

False, with a capital “NO”.

The middle east couldn’t possibly care less if our president is a mulatto Christian with a Kenyan dad. I’m pretty sure that’s self-explanatory.

Even though I agree with red to a relative level, I must contest “Just trusting” you. Trust is something you earn. You can’t just ask someone to trust you, it doesn’t work like that.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I’m inclined to agree with everybody, actually. But as hard as it is to believe, there are still people who consider non-whites inferior, which, of course, is a load of bull. Obama may have the support of several african americans, but from what I’m hearing, not all non-white voters support him, and considering that several white voters are relatively biased against him, this could cause problems for him in the long run.

I still consider Edwards a powerful contender. He may be wishy-washy at times, but he still has ideals that I agree with. Being on the poor end of life, this is where he appeals to me the most. He’s the only one actually adressing the unemployment rate in the country in his campaign (for the time being). But, I get the feeling that Edwards will fall out of the race at some point in time, at which point I’ll turn to Obama.

Don’t even get me started on Hilary. All of her ideals don’t match up with mine. At all. The thing that pisses me off the most about her is that she wants to enforce stricter rules on video games. I don’t really care about the topic so much as that she’s using it to drive her campaign. If you really need to drive your campaign using something as trivial as video games instead of something like, oh I don’t know, maybe the war on terror, you need to rethink your priorities.

I’m democratic, so I’m not really paying attention to the republican side of the election. But it will be interesting to see who’s taking Bush’s place.

P.S. I do know enough about the republican campaigns to know that Chuck Norris supports Mike Huckabee. I found that hilarious.

I dont mean to call you ignorant, but I assurr you im right when I say the average Iraqi would take to Obama faster than they would to another white president. Theyd assume that hed relate to them, because he too has lived in the third world.

Its like the way you might feel particularly attached to a singer because they knew your parents (example depends, since I dont know how you feel about your parents, but if that doesnt make sense ill try another). But its a cultural thing, since you’ll find values are much different in the 3rd world. I’m not sure if you can relate, no offense.

Its sorta the same way I support any minority running for anything (women, non christians, non whites). You can relate to them because you feel they know what its like.

edit: S12…

I wasnt being literal about trusting me. I was referring that its probably something he doesnt relate too like I do.

The only thing I find odd about the whole minority-leader thing is that the government is supposed to represent the general population, and, well, the minorities aren’t the general population. I’m not against it, though, because I don’t really care who runs the government as long as they listen to popular opinion. I could go for Obama. (Apparently, Hilary was crying on TV recently. Nobody wants a leader that looks weak. Not that I’m otherwise for her, of course.) :unamused:

You comparing terrorism to pop culture = I’m done arguing with you.

I’m comparing human nature…to human nature.

But if you say so. I still feel the same way.

I’m going to say two things:

  1. Obama is going to win the presidential election

  2. I’m not racist: I hate Obama

First of all, he’s going to win because: 1. He’s black, and people want a black president. Now as I said, I’m not racist, but I hate Obama. Why? Fear:

  1. Obama is an asshole. He makes people want to vote for him because he tricks people. How? Well… for one he plays the Race Card too much. He likes to suggest that people who don’t vote for him because he’s black is a republican/racist.

  2. Obama is STILL an asshole. I’m not a fan of Bush either, but Obama likes to blame Bush for the problems with Hurricane Katrina and calls him racist. First of all, what the hell? How is Bush responsible for Katrina? It’s nothing but winds moving at a fast rate caused by Nature and God. I don’t think Bush is God, so therefore why is this dumbass putting all the blame on Bush? Drop dead.

  3. Obama is racist. Yes. Black people can be racist too. Obama goes ahead and tells bush that he has done nothing to defuse a ‘quiet riot’ among blacks that will erupt like it did in LA 15 years ago. He just said that he loves racism. Nice.

  4. Obama should be shot for hypocrisy. Nothing fancy. Just getting rid of people who will end up destroying the planet. Anyway. Obama pisses me off because I love how he’s hypocritical. He attacks automakers for not making more environmental friendly cars, yet he drives a V-8 Hemi-powered Chrysler 300

As for Hillary Clinton… She might also win because there are a bunch of shit-cock feminists out there that will only vote for her because she’s a woman.

Why don’t people vote a president for their actions and not their race/gender damnit? Oh sure we all want a black president or a female, but do we really want one that’s fucking stupid?

My head hurts…

Yes, hopefully/probably. First and only true thing in this post.

Not any more than people want a woman. And there are far more women in this country than black people. And yet, he’s winning. Why?

He has NEVER EVER played the race card EVER. Where the fuck are you getting this from?

Again, you’re making this up and you’re an idiot.


God forbid. Your only source is the american thinker, though, so this is probably not true either.

Well, yes. Kindof. That’s not why she would win, but they would help.

Well, a lot of people do. Which is why Obama is currently leading.

Honestly, what the fuck?

Oh and fuck you.

Oh no, didn’t see THIS coming…