I just realized something (Anime related)

Some of you probably know ADV, what was one of the largest dubbing companies/distributors in the nation, they dubbed Guyver, Elfen Lied, Evangelion, Hellsing, etc. (Look on the boxes if you have them, *cough Syntax) and I think I might’ve said sometime that my father became the CFO a few years ago (we live in Austin, ADV is in Houston), sometime between late '07 and early '09. Well, I just happened across a video about ADV being sold off in September '09, something that apparently REALLY affected the community, like there were a whole lot of people really upset about it. Like if Valve was shut down.

And then I realized it was probably my father that handled that. And it feels really, really weird. Now, it isn’t necessarily bad that he sold it off. The company was doing terribly, that’s why the old CFO quit/was fired, and my father always complained about how screwed their finances were. So basically, he saved it from bankruptcy but the company had to split and be sold.

So, did any of you know about this situation while it was happening?

No I didn’t know that, and I DO have something ADV dubbed…the Funimation release…on Blu-Ray no less (Full Metal Panic).