I have Super Metroid!

I know pretty cool! I love that game and I can use cheats in it to but what realy bothers me is whats with the bird(I forgot its name) you mean it only teaches you how to shinespark and those weird 3furballs(I also forgot there names :laughing: ) teach you how to wall jump correct and why do you have to save them at the end you don’t get anything for that so why go for the trouble?(Yes I know there in fusion but why go to the trouble of it?)

slightly (not very much) better ending, and it is kinda moral…kinda, lol.
besides, it makes it more fun escaping with less time.

they made one for the xbox too? :confused:

Must be a modded XBox or maybe an emulator on the 'box.

Yeah I have sll the Nes Snes and all that stuff theres even a little feature to fast forward the game and whenever I save I press that button and it saves faster :laughing:

  1. If you hold the ‘speed up’ button while you save, it’ll eventually corrupt your data.
  2. Isn’t it against the rules to discuss emulators? Or is that just roms…?

its just roms…

Well… he’s got an emulator on his XBox. That’s not exactly legal either.

You may discuss both roms and emulators, but keep it nice. That’s almost a direct quote from the Warnings topic <_<

Actually it is legal to own emulators, even on an XBox. Emulators aren’t illegal, ROMs are. Modded XBoxes aren’t illegal but they are shaky. You cannot go on Live with them because you can easily cheat with Modded ones (they come with Trainers).

There are mixed views on the ‘emulators are legal’ thing… some people say that the company copyrighted the system, so it’s illegal to emulate it. But that would also mean that it’s illegal to use Windows emulators on a Mac, or Mac emulators on a windows. And sprites are copyrighted, too, so that would make it illegal to use them in fangames with that argument.

I doesn’t corrupt my Data wich is awsome! and I played metroid and fought mother brain and beat it in 5sec flat and the missles were flying like crazy :laughing:

LOL! well, i have a modded XBox but i dont know how to do anything special with it. i better figure out. but attention to everyone:

if he has an emulator, he has a rom to play metroid. so by discussing this, hes discussing roms too. but its not against the rules so its cool.

i wonder if i could get a rom on my xbox… how did you do it? (‘nice’ version?)

I don’t know My brother in law bought it from a friend and then I see all the old games in the X-Box it was awsome :smiley:

hmm i dont know how to get a rom on there! there is only one extra port that i can find and thats for internet. maybe i need to download em on there. man, even a PS2 has a USB port… xbox should have one.

You connect your XBOX to your network with an ethernet cable. And the XBOX uses USB to the controllers, so the XBOX has four USB ports. And the memory-units are USB sticks.

You will need a modded XBOX to FTP things to it. It will not work with an original box.

wer can u get that done to ur xbox?

You can do it yourself. Just buy a modchip, and a new harddrive. Format it in FATX and burn a CD/DVD with the right software. Copy it from the disc to the harddrive. There are tons on information that you could find with Google. And I’m not sure if it is ok for me to describe in detail here how to do it.

THere are book tutorials that I will gladly sell you for a price ($5?). Or you can just go around looking online.

no… i just looked and they arent USB ports. the controllers dont plug in to a USB port at all! its a wierd shaped port. hold on ill be back with pics!

EDIT: good ol cameraphone:

yeah well none of those are USB ports man…