I have a little request

Well, i made a new site, that is about anything! and i wanted it to famous, or known, and i want to ask the board administater to put this in their links if it is ok

here is the link, we only have 3 members nw, but it will hope fully get a little more popular
heres the link-

Um…yeah isn’t this site advertising which is a no no.


Site advertising is against the rules. I suggest you PM an administrator instead of blatantly posting. <_<;

i see now

Warn %20 for not reading the rules! And besides why would you ever do something like this? Forum adverts are just a waste of time IMO

its because that i wanted poeple to join, what? does this hurt people or somthin advertising? OMG, i didnt read that section of the rules and i get a 20% warning, thats kinda pathetic dont you think? i even said i was sorry, but yet u dont take me for granit, sorry, but i really dont like strict people cause i didnt read a short section in the rules, so sarcasm Sorry!

And I’m not fond of Anarchy. How strict exactly is it to just ask that you read the rules? 20 for not reading them, and 10 for advertising.

First off, it’s not OUR fault you didn’t read the rules. They clearly state the consequences for doing something, so it’s perfectly justified to put those consequences into play.

And second off, 072, you’re supposed to edit out the link if they do that. Don’t forget. :stuck_out_tongue: But I did it for ya this time.