I hav this

i just killed incinerator drone again, and i looked at the bomb powerup. so i made a sprite.

is this good?

It doesnt really look like the bomb powerup. But even so,you should post it on the SCU P2D forum, not here.

it lacks shading, and you should make it rotate…

other then that, looks pretty good. but, like halberdy said, u should post it on scu if u want it to get into the game…

We already have morph ball bomb upgrade sprites, used in the Tallon Overworld demo.

at least give him some credit, its pretty good to me, if you dont mind, if they dont wanna use it, can i? ill give some use for it :smiley:>

Raphial. PLEASE DONT MAKE A HABIT OF THIS!!! We dont want another chester. Read the dates on the last post to know whether a topic is old. If you want to use kingmetroid’s work, PM him, so we can avoid things like this in the future.

–Just a helpful hint

Well, for one, you post like you know me, do you?
and okies, im sorry, i wont

yeah u can use it. i dont really need it. just credit me.

alright, thanks ^^

Oh sorry about that. It’s just that bumped topics confuse people.

did i get a warning for that? but i didnt even know about bumping :S

i dont think bumping is against the rules, its just frowned upon… (unless daz is in a bad mood of course!)

king, if you’re still working on it, i would like to see it twirling…

What’s the world coming to anyway? It’s frowned upon for a reason.

Oy. So, who is the admin here? Because I want to know why I got two or three warnings. Cuz I dont think I have done anything wrong.

You should probably ask this in the warnings topic instead of spamming up other topics that whoever warned you may not even notice. :sweat:

I’ll clear this up nonetheless.

Our sexy lineup of admins consists of
Metroid handler (not that you’ll ever meet him)
Phazon eater

You were probably warned by Dazz. He’s most likely to crack down on crime.