I hate the Omega Pirate

I manage to win everytime, eventually, but I still feel bad 'cuz I can’t beat him like I beat every other boss. Quicky, and mercilessly.

Any tips would be welcome…

Don’t get hit.


Okay, but the real tricks are simple.

1–SUPER MISSILES. They are facerape.

2–If you’re standing by a puddle, he won’t appear there. He also won’t appear in the one he just disappeared from. So you can control exactly where he’ll show up, allowing you to easily hit him.

2–If you’re standing by a puddle, he won’t appear there. He also won’t appear in the one he just disappeared from. So you can control exactly where he’ll show up, allowing you to easily hit him.

Oh!! Duh, why didnt i think of that??

1–SUPER MISSILES. They are facerape.

Facerape?? WTF??

its a certain sense of humour that somepeople have. I am much worse than that when I’m on msn or with friends.

…i never heard facerape before…hm…

facerape. hmm added to my vocabulary. That last tip daz gave, I never knew about that lmao.

yes… the only way i was able to defeat the omega was when my brother said “dude, use super missles” and now i own him every time :slight_smile:

i dont know of a better way to put “super missiles work good” than what daz said. so ill just add that flame thrower is good too. (plasma beam missile combo)

and if hes getting close to you, morph ball> power bomb> roll away

yeah stay at an reasonable range, not too far and not too close. its very important to HIT HIM WHEN YOU CAN. when he recharges, and he is invisible and vulnerable, you NEED to get as many super missiles into him as you can. dont miss those opertunities. or the battle will last a looot longer.

Bah, I always used the flame thrower…
It’s just the Troopers he sends to bug with you.

I never knew about the puddle thing though…

He’s always been the hardest boss for me.

use plasma beam for his legs/ arms. then super missle him when he goes into the pools. he never killed me, but he left me with 4 tanks.

i think the fastest way to kill him is to use charged plasma shots for shooting off the armor. Super missiles may be facerape for this, but missiles are slow, and often miss if he decides to put his arm in the way. Where as the plasma shot is quick and accurrate. Once armor is off, i quickly reduce the beam troopers to a pile of ash, and i then use a super missile to beat the shit out of omega.:slight_smile: this has always worked the fastest for me and you dont waste missiles. :slight_smile:

never us flamefrower, it hardly does any damage to omega pirate… and dont use flamethrower(is that how we spell flamefrower :confused:) on metroid prime spider form.

That’d be metroid prime exoskeleton. But yeah, it has to be close range, and his melee does tons of damage. The omega pirate was really hard on hard mode. It took me about 3 tries. I just hate the stupid troopers he sends after you.

yeah, op was hardest boss in da game even though i never died

This is a good trick, when you take out his phazon armor than switch to the Ice beam and use the Ice shreader on him it will take alot more than a super missle, an after the Ice shreader switch to the plasma to take his armor out again and use super missle for the rest of the fight and lock on to the omega pirate only, forget his help(ice,wave,plasma,power trooper) and you can finish the fight in 15 minutes or less.

I got out of there with only 8 out 12 energy tanks.

heh… i just ignore the cannonfodder he sends until it gets too trublesome (about 4 or 5 pirates) but for the most part, im able to kill omega pretty quick, so i only have to worry about the pirates a couple times.

yeah i got to OP on hard mode and after many defeats started the game over on regular mode. now i have to go back and do it again on hard.

i didnt know about ice spreader. ill try that . but honestly, you just have to time your super missles right thats all and they ARE facerape so use them.

if you ignore the pirate henchmen until OP uses his ground shaking shock thing, then usulaly they will die in it.

op killes his own cannonfodder? :confused: what a sob

The Ice Shearder will destory his arms phazon armor and then go for the legs only then use super for the rest of the time, I think I beat the omega pirate under ten minute or above not sure.

yeah he destroyes his own cannonfodder. he is a sob i guess… always in a phazon rage… doesnt seem very nice if you ask me. but the first time i fought him, in the cut seen of him bursting out of his case, i was just shocked. i just thought “god hes forking huge! holy shit!”