I had some extra money this month...

… so I bought myself a Wii.

Now. What are the games and stuff that i must buy to the console?


Twilight Princess
Excite Truck
Mario Kart
and some famous virtual console games
That’s it for my opinion


excite truck is the shit
back off >:o

im not a fan =/

Apparently Punch Out!! is a good title.

No More Heroes is pretty addicting.
Get the homebrew channel.
I’m waiting for something that allows you to boot Win XP from the homebrew. That would be sick lol.

don’t get corruption…wait for the trilogy set.

Syntax speaks the truth.

thats like the fourth time you’ve said that this month swan >_>

if you dont like it then lie xD

That’s because you’ve been saying things I agree with and/or are truthful. :stuck_out_tongue:


Prime Trilogy
Twilight Princess
The Conduit
Mario Kart
Everything on the virtual console.

Ok. Lets see here:
I must buy a classic controller.
The biggest SD card I can find.
The web browser.

And I think that the first games I’ll buy will be.

  1. Smash Brothers Braw.
  2. Punch Out.
    And 3. No More Heroes.

And that Shop channel was kind of boring.
I’m used to having gaming news flashing in my face when I turn my console on. New demos, new releases, new Arcade releases, new trailers and new gaming show episodes.
Sweden will get the Zune store this fall so I will be able to rent and stream 1080p movies with 5.1 sound with my 360.

So where are all the demos???
Am I blind or are there no demos at all?
If there aren’t any, how will I know if the games are fun before I pay for them?

And do I get that homebrew channel?

The graphics got a little bit better with the component output cables after I changed the settings from 576i to 480p.

Oh, I like that news channel. And the weather channel is awesome!

Can I play Gamecube games with the classic controller or do I have to buy a Gamecube controller?

(Or four. I will have to buy four of every controller that is needed to be able to play all games.)

No demos on Wii, you need gamecube controller for gamecube games (I highly recommend you buy a couple anyway since your getting brawl) and I was under the impression the Wii outputs in 480i and 480p, that’s the first I’ve heard of any 576i

Don’t forget 720p Syntax. But yeah, wtf is 576i

Wii can’t output in 720p, and if it can that’s news to me

on reflection though I think that 576i might be PAL standard.

Damn it all. I’m gonna need a new Wii soon mine is retarded. Oh…good something to question…makes topic

You need to buy a gamecube controler sadly the classic clontroler is just for old games from shop channel and it can be used in some games for wii

If anyone wants my friend code ask me