I got Metroid Primes 1 and 2!

Well, I finally own both MP1 and MP2:E. Not that I hadn’t played them before - I couldn’t buy them, so I just kept renting. But that was problematic - I didn’t get far in either game. Now I finally own them! WOOO!

Just got the Thermal Visor and Super Missile from the pirate base in MP1, and got the Light and Dark beams from MP2. Yeah… I still have a long ways to go… but still, I’m making progress!

Good for you. I remember my first days of MP1… I was addicted for months.

i remember my first days…wait a secound ever day is my first day hehehe, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR NICK TO GOODLIFEMAN123!! you godamm lucky!!:smiley:

Dude how did you manage to hold out so long without MP and MP2
its hard to imaging for a metroid fan like me :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I said… I kept renting them. Over and over. But I never got very far because within a few days, BAM! Back to the rental store. I just couldn’t keep shelling out eight dollars every three days.


Actually, sixteen dollars to rent both of them at the same time.

Plus tax.

Ouch. candian? american? what currency?

Canadian dollars.

Wow, where I live, It’s 4 dollars to rent for a week