i found this out

you know how psp (the evil handheld) can download files from internet? that means they will download roms aswell, my friend in england has like 36 roms or sumthing and there on his psp memory card. now, sony obviously knew this would happen, almost like they want people to download roms, then people wont buy gba games, and nintendo will lose money. is this a diliberate idea of sony, or not?

I’m sure that you will be able do download images and stuff with the DS version of Opera, but the storage space will be limited.

SONY are’nt the devil (I like movie Waterboy :unamused:), they are just smart. And Nintendo are copying them.

how the hell are nintendo copying sony…

SONY put a web browser in the PSP and Nintendo are doing the same. But the web browser for the PSP is in the firmware, so you will not have to change the game media when you want to check some shaved monkeys @ Google.

who cares… If nintendo wants to put it in no one can to jacks shit about it. Why would you want nintendo to not make its systems better?

It sounds like a deliberate plan. It’s called the underhand buisness scandal. You won’t be able to prove it but it’s obvious what it is. I say the best side wins, winner takes all. Regardless of what Nintendo has made, if it falls under Sony then so be it. Not only will it make sure the strong survives but I can’t do anything about it so pissing and moaning about it will only make me seem irritating.

Yeah, It could be possible that Sony is doing this on purpose.

Like xbox stole the idea of the rumble pack, and made it built into the controller as an ad-on, and then Sony copied them. Then they heard about the Wii controller, and said 'Hell, we’ll add motion sensing on our controller, too!"
Yeah, their motion sensing is differant, but whatever.

My point is, it’s very possible that they are doing it on purpose.

And from what I heard, Opera approached Nintendo with the idea. I’m not sure if that’s true, but… whatever.

Actually, SONY made their Playstation and their dualshock-vibration long before Microsoft made their XBOX. And the gyro-thingey in the Playstation 3 controllers are copys from some Microsoft Sidewinder controllers for the PC.

And look at this:
Nintendo said that they did’nt bother to create an online community to the GameCube because nobody would ever want to play online (stupid mistake!). They looked at XBOX Live! an got a surprise. Now both they and SONY are making their own copys of Live!.

Bah, sony still copied somebody. And I didn’t say where they copied the motion from, I just said they did it after Nintendo implemented it on there controller.
That’s true. If I remember, Nintendo had ONE game that went online for the Gamecube.

By the way, in my last post, I meant to say ‘built into the controller instead of as an ad-on’ not built in as an ad-on. Sorry 'bout that.

That is the way it works. You copy things that others invent. just look at the iPod or motorola RAZR.

The only thing that SONY can create are some crappy closed standards that only become popular in Japan. ATRAC, MiniDisc, Memorystick…

How is it copying if they already had the idea and just didn’t do it because they didn’t expect it to work? Learning from other companies is actually something a company should do. Though Microsoft does get most of my respect with the online issue for at least attempting it.

And the DS browser is an Opera browser, not a Nintendo browser, so Nintendo wouldn’t be copying Sony with the browser idea.

This browser issue isn’t about who copied who anyway, or at least just because one comes before the other doesn’t mean the idea was copied. Having a browser on a device that can access the internet isn’t a very hard idea to come up with anyway. Maybe Nintendo didn’t feel like rushing all their ideas into the DS so it can do absolutely everything but really poorly, and instead wanted to add one feature at a time so that in the long-run it would be better than piling it all in at once? We may never know.

absolutely. i mean, sony obviously wanted people to download roms, so really, sony must be evil.

Actually, i think it’s just a sidepot that sony probably expected. After all, the PSP can download anything, so why not roms. I dont feel it’s stealing, but it is an unfair advantage.

roms ARE stealing.

I’m staying with what I said. Your precious game companies aren’t exactly divine. They copy and steal competitors’ work to benefit themselves, just like any other company in the world today. If you call Sony “evil” then Nintendo must be “evil” too because I guarantee at some point they did the same damned thing.

Nintendo wanted Opera to make the browser for them. And it’s called “Nintendo DS browser”. Soo… why is’nt it copying?

I think that Nintendo thought that nobody would want to use their handheld console to surf the web and SONY thought that it would be something that could make people upgrade their firmware.

Who fucking CARES who invented an idea? Y’know, someone had to invent the game pad to begin with. You gonna hate on every system ever made besides the Atari because they all have BUTTONS?

Oh, HELL! The Gamecube has variable games that can be inserted and removed! That’s totally the 2600’s gig! LET’S FORM AN ANGRY MOB!


Get a grip. Just because two competing systems happen to have a similar feature doesn’t mean anything. And if it’s a good feature, well, it just makes a good system better. Makes more competition. And without competition, there’s no drive to better your products. So because they’re ‘stealing’ ideas, the overall products end up higher quality by default.

And a bit more on topic, Sony never intended anything about roms. It’s a simple fact that if you can download some things you can likely download others. Not their fault if people abuse their system’s abilities.

Not to mention, they keep patching the system to PREVENT roms and such. If they WANTED you to emulate why would they keep stopping it?

So that is the way it sounds when Nintendo are the ones that stealing ideas. I’m sure that you guys would have thought different if it was SONY that was number two with a browser.

Of course they would have. Most people here seem to be incapable of accepting that it’s possible to support rival companies. Sure, some blatant stealing from all companies by all companies may have occured from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you need to jump on every new one like it’s an incarnation of Mephistopheles.