I feel really bad...

Do you think my comments should have been in the Nintendojo review?

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Yeah, all the team members answered a questionnaire thingy for Nintendojo, and the best comments got in the review. Well, I feel awful, as I did one for fun (At the time I didn’t know if I was in the team or not - I still have no clue if I’m in the team - I guess no, as none of my work has been accepted).

Anyway, I feel really bad, as lots of my comments went into the review…

“Prime 2D isn’t meant to be exactly the same as Metroid Prime,” explains DaDude, one of P2D’s music composers.

“The atmosphere, the music, and the feeling of exploring,” says DaDude. “It feels great in a game when you feel like you’re getting stronger as the game proceeds, and Metroid captures this perfectly.”

And that’s not all of them… so, I must say, I am officially sorry for any problems I caused… I really didn’t expect even one comment to be in it. I was literally goofing around! Gah… Troid92 and CtrlAltDestroy’s comments should have been there, not mine.

Can you forgive me?

Man, I feel really guilty about a lot of things right now…

Sorry if this seems out of place, but I must know, and get this off my mind, as I keep feeling guilty about this…

Well, are you, as it says, a music composer? 'Cause if so, I see no problem with it.

Well, I’ll start reworking on the music, if they’d like. I’ve started to get a hang of Fruityloops, so I can enhance all the MIDIs to sound better, in MP3. For example:


Sometimes, I have two songs on the site - One’s a MIDI, MP3 shows what I can produce afterwards.

I know - Troid, can I post your Phendrana Drifts (MP3)? Or would you rather I’d try to find a different example?

But our comments were there. Didn’t you see them? :astonished:

He submitted three short MIDIs, two of which we already had and one of which needed to be improved a little. So he’s… half-submitted a song, in other words. And don’t forget that we’ve had members make 4-5 sprites/sprite sheets for the demo and still aren’t on the team.

Sure, go ahead. I’m not sure why you’d need to post an example, though, when you have a link to most of your songs right there.

Anyway, DD, you did nothing wrong. The only slightly wrong thing that happened with the interview was that they called you “one of P2D’s music composers”, which is only half-true right now, since you’ve really not done much. >_> Still, it’s not your fault they said something slightly incorrect, and it’s not really their fault either.

So seriously, relax, it’s fine. As I say at the very beginning of this post (well, sarcastically), CAD and I didn’t even post any comments. If we really wanted to, we would have. So uh, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

…thanks Troid. You’ve made my day. :slight_smile:

Right, close topic please.