I draw things sometimes

Newest stuff is at the top. Have fun.

Pico 8 Practice Portrait:


Zaraba (Metroid DB Contest):

Rakshi Technical Drawing (for school):


Serris (Metroid DB Bestiary):

The Stalker
NSFW (Full frontal nudity)

Last of the Malkieri:

Mandalorian Extractor (building this for DragonCon):

Fort Ismur (for someone’s game project):

Wyvern (same game):

Thenodar Militiaman (also that game):

Light-Aether Alpha Grenchler (UTA commission):

The Mother (Metroid DB Contest 3rd place):

Nord Hall (Skyrim Mod concept):

Nord Hall Outside (Same Mod):

Phazon Elite (Metroid DB Bestiary):

Fusion Suit (Metroid DB Contest 3rd place):


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Hey, this guy made my Profile Picture!

It’s super cool to see your progression as an artist. Isn’t the first image from our Outrider concept?

It is indeed from Outrider.