I Come Back! With Updates! =D

I posted here before a while back I with an old custom character sheet for a Rayman fan-character of mine. Well, I’m back with a 100% complete sheet for him and the game I’m working on.

Here’s some animations too. :slight_smile:

Flames. =3

And I’ll be adding in more game sprites later to save space. =3

Wow. He looks like a fuzion between edward elric and raman (was that intentional??). Anyway that’s a pretty massive sprite sheet, and i gotta give you the credit for that. Not to mention well organized.


the only party thats like edwrad elcric is the coat. which is the wrong color anyways.

And the hair… >_>

… Yay, Ryan’s back! :astonished:

Lookin’ good as always, but the fact is a bit low-contrast…

I figured the low contrast might suit the dark feeling of the final game’s storyline, but thanks for the comments. ^^

And as for his look, yeah, he’s a Rayman fancharacter, but as for looking like Edward… I have no idea where I got the idea for the coat and color scheme… but as his personality developed in the stories with him, I added in longer hair just because he seemed the sort to not really care about cutting it. XD