I challenge Daz to a duel (9><)9

Both he and I sprite Spire in M:ZM style, then you guys vote for who pulled it off better.
If he accepts, that is. <__<

I don’t do MZM style, sorry.

Red Halberd does though…

grumblegrumble, alright, I challenge anyone willing to accept.

Edit: Holy crap, when I was playing for reference, I discovered that he shoots from the hand, and not the ball. O_O

Uh, yeah. Remember when we were playing for reference with XSlicer? I commented on it back then, cuz I was surprised too >_>

Oh, <__< Yeah.

Infact then I asked how tall he was, so that I could maybe try him.

HayIsForMooses: his gun seems to be the arm without a ball on it, but it has no hole or anything
HayIsForMooses: it looked like hell like the crystal on the top flipped out of place and the shots came out of where it once was
HayIsForMooses: O.o
HayIsForMooses: im gonna need to investigate that more later
HayIsForMooses: but for now, im done, lets just go with our usuals :stuck_out_tongue:
after getting my ass handed to me a few times
Luminous Reaver: How tall is Spire
Luminous Reaver: >__>
HayIsForMooses: …

Cool… but uh… he seems to have a, er, gnome hat. >_>;

=O A gnome hat?
>__> I hope it goes away once I shade it, because I’m against making that spire any thinner… I’ll try to make it better.

Listening to this is making my creative juices flow, I’m more productive than I have been in a while. ^-^

Lol. I dissapear for a second, and people are already challenging daz. Anyhow, LITOJ did spirte in MF style, so i never had to get around to it.

Spire is the largest hunter, Kanden being second, though i’ve heard that Kanden is taller.

Lol. Im pretty sure i’m not as good as Reaver. I could win, but i probably wouldnt. I never go for major detail in MF style (other than my MP3 pirates, cuz in the end, they dont run like samus), because it’s a drag making a large heavily detailed sprite.

Anyway, I’m pretty sureyour lineart is about accurate.

In game Spire is pretty short, about two inches taller than Samus. Not counting his spikes, which are pretty big.


Shading the rocky bits is really hard. :frowning:

nice. im terrible at shading. its the angles that mess me up

I find it suprising the way you do your sprites. You perfect the lineart before you begin any shading. I dont see how you can be so patient. I usually do the basic lineart for the part of the body i’m starting on, and shade that first to see how it looks. Then, i go back and edit it as I go along. You way is definetly more effective, and results in a better shaped sprite in the end, but takes longer.

Anyhow, i think you were right about spires height. I was thinking weight, when I said Spire was first and Kanden was second (movement speed). Anyway, I’ll wait till your done before I decide what I think.

Nice mph sprites

Way to bump a topic.

@Reaver: Reminds me, did you ever finish that spire sprite??

the fire doesnt really have demensions. other then that, its good. finish it and i’ll comment some more =)