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It was truly epic. Very original.

Who else has seen it?


I just saw it…literally. Freakin epic. In every way possible. I wouldn’t say its original, but it definitely gave a new take on the whole “last person alive” thing. Whether or not you’re a fan of such movies, this is a must.


My friends and I were watching the scene where Will Smith pulls out the grenade, and all three of us just said to ourselves “Oh yeah. Goin out in style. Sweet.” I thought that the whole mutation thing was going to be like the entire population died, and came back to life, but I was wrong in every way possible. I liked the movie. A lot. I also thought the part where the mutant set a trap for Smith was awesome. It showed that some survival instinct was still there, but not enough to take into consideration that Smith may have a weapon on his person. I thought that that was a nice touch.

I especially liked the little articles posted on the cupboards in that one place where Smith was scavenging for supplies, as well as the article on his fridge. If you didn’t see those, the one on the fridge said “Soldier. Scientist. Hero. Robert Neville.” My personal favorite was the one in the room where he was scavenging. It said “Warning! Infected Canines Come Out At Night! Lock Doors!” That was by far my favorite part of the movie. Those little details that made it seem so authentic.

The whole “our blood is the cure” thing seemed a bit cliche, though. After watching Heroes season 2, it seemed a little redundant. However, it was still a very nice touch.


I liked the movie. Definitely worth watching, even if you’re not into this sort of thing. On my top 5 for this year, and on my top 10 for all time. It’s right up there with the Star Wars saga and The Bourne series.

In my personal opinion, this was better than The Mist, which came out not too long ago. I liked that movie a lot, but this one was definitely better. Both are worth watching, but if you were to have to pick between the two, go with I Am Legend.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10. A very good movie, but a few things seemed redundant. Small details like the ones stated in the spoilers section really made the movie seem authentic. For those of you planning on seeing the movie, but haven’t yet, look on Smith’s fridge near the beginning for one article. At another part of the movie, Smith is scavenging in a building for supplies, and there are several articles on the cupboards. Check those out, because they really helped the movie seem real. If you’re planning on seeing the movie, definitely keep your eyes open for those.

It looks pretty good. I can’t wait to see it.