I am making a fangame.

I am going at my first fangame,it will be called"metroid:revoloutions".I’m useing,gamemaker,and I need peaple to help animate some of my sprites so, will anyone help me?

‘Animate’ some of your sprites?
GM has, like, it’s own animation system?
Step 1: Go to google, and download the toolbar (and firefox, if you’re an IE)
Step 2:Activatye the spellchecker
Step 3: Use it.

No,I mean use a registered gif animater,if you have one and animate samus running,jumping,ect.

I think you mean you need someone to sheet them. >_>

hey! you stole my fangame name!

(Yay, FR worked)
It’s hardly original.

… How? The name is not original at all, and I didn’t even know your game existed until you just said this.

i did?oh im sorry il change it,…any suggestions?oh, and i dont mean sheet them i mean get each framea put them together :neutral_face: make animations that is what i mean from super metroid now do you get it waches you walk awayANYONE WANNA HALP MEH!?

Yes, make it something that won’t be confused for “Matrix: Revolutions” every time it is said.

I’m ripping all of SM’s sprites, preanimating them, and releasing them soon.
Will that do?

yes it will!

Uh… And will this game consist of? New abilities? Superb continuation of the storyline? You need a big, keen team to help you with this game. I tried to create a Metroid game solo, and it’s not finished and never will be. I’m not saying you should give up, but just that you need recruits and a certain attraction to your game, otherwise it will join the sad group of bland Metroid clones. Good luck.

Listen, Wonder, this game is not going to happen. I’m not trying to put you down, but you are new to game design, and making a Metroid game is probably a bad idea. Metroid games are complicated to program, so I would recomend starting off simple, reading through Game Maker help, and learn to program GMl before attempting Metroid.

yes!i need all the help i can get!if you would help i would be very grateful,the story is about in the middle of metroid 1 and metroid 2 it reveals adam,origins of phazon the reason the choso died so yes i will also take your advise as in readinh the help documents and i will study hard thank you but i am determined to make this game so i am never shelvingthis game.

Famous last words.

Hmm, take my advice, work on a kick-ass engine, w/ real-time level-editing, a way to save and load levels from a file, then recruit level designers. That’s what I’m doing.