Husband kills wife over her addiction to the PS…layStation.html

I’m just appalled over the murder but she was a GTA player, and not the husband. Ironic isn’t it?

O_O That’s Insane!!!WTF was that all about!!
I read this before…and…It’s one thing being pissed but killing your wife for playing GTA too much…is…well…it’s insane!!!

Wait, the son called 999? Who does that contact?

At least there’s one flaw over Jack Thompson’s ideology on violent video games.

wow. come back 2 years ago and maybe then it’ll be funny…

This(the murder) is a bad case of sore-loser-itis.

Seriously, folks, take a hint already. Spamming includes one-word off-topic posts. Watch yourselves, or face the wrath of Golbez’s shoulders.

That was kinda funny. I think that the husband should’ve intervened earlier by telling her to not compulsively play it too long because he cares about her instead of having resort to violence.


if anyone hasnt learned the meaning or irony yet

yeaaah <_<

… Wait. So, I just finally read the actual article.

Why was it necessary at all to mention “violent videogame GTA”, or that the woman had become addicted to gaming? Clearly the problem was actually the suspected affair and violent reaction to moving threats and such. There’s absolutely no reason to link this to videogames other than to further the conspiracy theories of wackos like JT…

i still havent read it, but it never made sense to me anyway
so i didnt bother xD


Viruses=NO MORE!

So yeah, I agree with Daz. I didn’t read the article, figured it wasn’t worth my time. But yeah, suspected affair=definitely more important than obsessing over GTA.…lephone_number)

And I agree with Daz. She obviously had problems, he had to have problems to marry someone like her, and their relationship was fucked as well. What does GTA have to do with it? If my wife were to stay up all night playing GTA, I’d stay right there and give her tips.

Yeah, the most probable motive for the murder was the guy thought she was cheating on him and (as Daz mentioned) the threats she said to him. I don’t see what GTA had to do with anything.

For anyone interested, I wrote an article on this subject. It won’t publish officially 'til Monday, but I saved a copy from the newsroom since I’m rather proud of this one. :3

(Hope this works… I’ve never used the Attach File system here before…)

Good work Dazzy!

Good writing. Ever consider being a novelist? Or a paper writer? (oh wait… YEahhh…)

Thus ends the life of another fellow gamer reveille starts playing even old people have the right to game. reveille abruptly stops Wait, an OLD PERSON was PLAYING GTA4??? (probably was 4 right? just came out) Husband probably thought the sex noises were her cheating on him. XD

Applause the Daz

Nice article! That should shut some people up.

Daz, you use way too fucking many hyphens. Gj though!