Okay, I was wondering if anyone here hunts besides me. I know Butch does, and I know of a few that know a little about firearms. But does anyone else hunt?

And if you are against hunting, than please don’t post here. Just PM me if you really want to yell at me.

me and my dad were thinking about hunting… i would really like to start :^_^:

i hunt, i dont really deer hunt though…its just…its so damn early…and so damn cold…its a rare occasion for me to hunt in the morning.

My uncle takes me deer hunting and wild Turkey hunting.

Smartdude- If you want to bring home the meat, you’d better get up :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, the best time to chase the whitetails has been the afternoon in my experience.

I’ve been getting up at 4:45 the past two weeks (except on Sundays) to chase the crows out of my great grandfather’s crops. I only got four of the bandits, though :blush:

Hairy- This sounds crude, but after you first kill one of the smarter animals (deer, turkey, crow) then you can’t get enough of the outdoors. That’s the way its been for me, at least. I was overly reluctant to get up at 4:something in the morning for my first turkey hunt, but now I get up the instant that I wake up.

Omega- Have you had any success?

I don’t hunt: I believe it is cruel to the animals, so I don’t do such activities, and that means fishing too.

Maybe you didn’t read my post, but I asked to know who hunted, not who doesn’t.

But while you’re here, why don’t you explain yourself? After all, isn’t it better for my great grandfather to keep his crops than for the crows to eat it?

I’ve gotten some nice Bucks in my day. Also got some nice fat Turkeys. I also believe if they die quickly and are used as food its not wasteful. Thats why I believe cannibalism should be grounds for lienency in murders.

When my uncle took me hunting two years ago near X-mas.

Do you eat chicken?
Briolers only get to eat fishfood and sometimes they get stuck in their small boxes, and they get deformed. THAT is cruel.

Do you eat cows or pigs?
Have you ever seen how they live?

If I shoot something to get food, just like we always have done where I live… is that a bad thing? Monkeys eat each other and wolves eat our pets. Is that cruel?

Sharks tend to take a bit of humans sometimes to see how we taste. Is that cruel?

Vegetarians and vegans are destrying big forrest areas, just so they can plant potatoes and carrots. Because of that, the animals move closer to us and sometimes try to eat us. Is that cruel?

Everytime you eat meat, think of the animal that lived a shitty life just so that you could eat it. Would’nt it be better to eat a healthy animal that lived a rich life, eating all that it could and had the chance to reproducing a couple of times?

I’m not torturing them, I’m killing them. That is a big difference. Most of the time they will not feel any pain at all.

Killing is not torturing, and Once when they get shot there are dead.

If you think that is cruel than that means you don’t eat meat.And if you don’t eat meat you are a vegitarian! :O_O:

Nice to see that some people have some understanding around here.

Although I don’t know about the cannibalism thing. I mean, if there is a body there and it is an emergency, eat it, but don’t kill someone for it. I assume that is what you meant, but…

Also, if you kill something and leave it, it WILL get eaten. I can promise those crows I shot filled out some fox’s belly nicely. That is, he’ll have food until he catches my bullet (the neighbor keeps chickens, need I explain?)

Omega- Good to hear that you’ve had success. This year has been my first serious year of hunting, and I have killed a nice 18.5 pound tom with a 10.5 inch beard and 15/16" and 1" spurs, plus several crows. I’ve killed enough squirrells that I can’t keep track of them. In years before, I’ve killed a small whitetail buck, which I shot it for a doe in low light. Had it been day, I would have let him go.

Edit: Do you know how when you shoot a turkey, it will flop around no matter how it is hit? Well, my father went to finish off the turkey I shot (i.e. by putting its head in the notch of the boot and pulling on the legs to break the neck) and pulled his head off. The dang thing bled so much it might’ve been 19 pounds alive (coming from my dad) :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to hunt. My uncle used to go on a turkey shoot, but he stopped years ago. And since I know nothing about hunting… You know… Dick Cheney?

Anyway, I find it ironic that people defend animals like that. They were put here to be recycled, and so were we. Everything dies eventually, so you might as well make the best of it.

Shoots Dick Cheny Sorry! Aiming for the Fox behind you thats now eating your entrails. Anyway I have a freind thats a full vegetarian. She only eats the Fruits and Vegetables she grows on her property and doesn’t eat meat or fish. Once I accidently shot at a cat. I killed the Turkey but the cat went running. I still don’t know why he was in the woods…

Lol :smiley:>

Re-Loads Oh mr. Bush…

…like…it was lunch time…and …well…i was kinda hungry…

…had to beat him with a chair…


4 itchy tasty…

Hes infected with the T-Virus! Injects him again Oh…I forgot Zombie + another T-Virus injection= Licker…Jesus help me…

ive gone huntin 7 times and i shot into a rabbit hole and i got a gun and allowed 2 hunt i own all rabbitz!!!