Hunter vs. Spartan 117

who would win? samus? or master chief?

  • master chief
  • samus
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i personally think master chief is better, cuz he has a better variaty of weapons and he has a lifetime of expieriance and training

Yeah he does have a variety of weapns and such, but this brings us back to the Samus vs. Link thing.

A Sparatan doesn’t have a chozo made power suit with unlimited ammo able to transform into a small mobile sphere that can to lay bombs, and bombs with a very large blast radius, or is able to simply somersalt infinitivly into anything and basicly destroy it (Even SpacePirates).

Oh, I forgot something Samus can freeze most things alive with the Ice Beam

Okay, first off, Halo vs Metroid in general is an idiotic topic idea, because it’s total flamewar material.

Second off, MC doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell against Samus. There’s absolutely nothing to discuss. In one corner we have an absurdly agile overpowered unlimited ammo’d warrior with tons of shields, in the other we have a low-shielded ammo-based slow guy who jumps like a brick and has no other method of moving. Even if he DID have enough health or ammo to win, he’s a sitting duck anyway.

Third off, “omg __ vs ___” topics are getting rather annoying and overdone anyway, as they tend to escalate into nothing but fanboy wars…

But whatever, I won’t lock it yet because I’m curious if anyone has any rebuttals for my points. :3

if you read the halo books, it says that the shield can a) withstand a high powered missile, and b) it also says that when he moves its a blur(and he can jump like none other, at least for single jumps)

Master Chief!

The Halo books completely bend the truth, and overexaggerate exponentially.

No, the games just have to remove bits of it for gameplay. :slight_smile:

I’ll tell ya, Samus would win, but it’d be a tough fight: SPARTAN-IIs can run kilometers in seconds, dent starship battle armour with their bare hands, pratically see in the dark, and leap about three meters into the air. Then, you have MJOLNIR. MJOLNIR is a powerful battle armour system that increases their speed, reaction time, and strength tenfold. Oh, and it has energy shields.

Think about this: Samus’ most powerful weapon is a Plasma Beam. The Covenant, the enemy of the Spartans, arms every single soldier with plasma weapons. A SPARTAN’s shield can only take two or three shots of this, but still: If a SPARTAN can win against legions of Covenant forces, all armed with plasma rifles, then why wouldn’t he be able to avoid Samus’?

The reason I think Samus would win is her extreme advantage in health. Master Chief could blast her all he wanted with his Fuel Rod Cannon, Needler, Shotgun, whatever, it’d still only take about one health tank altogether. Samus, once she hit him, could down him in five or six shots.

Of course, I think if Samus and MC met up, they’d be on the same side of the battlefield…I would feel truly sorry for anything standing in the way of those two.

and samus might have an advantage

This one is a tough question. Well, on Halo 1 if you get
shot with a rocket or caught in a gernade explosion you
die almost instantly. Samus has both Missiles AND Super Missiles.
And as -058- stated Samus is equiped with a plasma beam.
I like Halo game much more than Metroid, but Samus would
most likley win because of her infinate ammo weapons, incredibly
strong missles (cant she hold like 200 or something?), plasma beam,
Charge Upgrade, Screw Attack, and much more…

wait a second, Samus can only win because all her Abilities
and Upgrades. She Always starts off with 100 energy, power
suit, and power beam. No way can she destroy MC at such
a weak form. On Super Metroid when you fight Ridley
for the first time he takes about 15 damage with one attack.
Samus wouldnt stand a chance against MC with out all her
upgrades. Can you prove me wrong?

Actually, nothing can be proven either way in this discussion, bein’ as these are not only fictional universes, but seperate fictional universes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that Samus, un-upgraded, is about as tough as a SPARTAN in MJOLNIR Mark V armour…but she’s more agile.

Man, this is just getting anoying but how about a Samus vs. Mario one!

Don’t go there. <_<

I agree. You know, this brings me back to an idea I had awhile ago…

What if Mega Man, Samus, Master Cheif, and Gordon Freeman all met up and fought together?

Armored protoganist’s convention!! ROFL.

Actually, it’d be pretty neat to see a crossover story about that… come to think of it, they would definitely crush anything in their path. Mega Man and Samus blast em, Master Cheif whacks them in the head with his rifle, and Gordon embeds a crowbar several inches in their skulls. TOTAL DOMINATION’D!

Yeah, though, I think the books are accurate, not overexaggerated - the games just dull things down because of gameplay restrictions. You can’t make the player overpowered.

I think that Gordon would win out of all of those four…he’s simply the most innovative. Sure, Samus has giant guns, MegaMan…uh, yes, well. Master Chief is fast and strong, but Gordon’s just smart. He’s a freakin’ scientist for goodness’ sake. He’d squish’em or something…he’s like McGuiver, with a shotgun.

Sorry, should have been more specific - I didn’t mean AGAINST each other, I mean fighting WITH each other. And while I’m at it, let me clarify this: I’m talking about the Classic series Mega Man, not MegaMan from the .exe series or anything like that. Just in case anyone was confused.

What’s with people and stating that the Plasma beam is Samus’ strongest weapon? The plasma beam was her strongest weapon on one of her first missions… the hyper beam in SuperMetroid is Samus’ strongest weapon, or it’s the Wide Icebeam in fusion…either one… and Samus also has the Diffusion missle which would pwn anything. >_>

Not really… Diffusion missiles kinda suck >_>

And plasma was her strongest gun in SM (save hyper, which can’t be used except at the end), MP (same as hyper for phazon), MF (ice is only strong against the metroid because it’s a metroid…), ZM, M2…

The only games it WASN’T the strongest in, were the ones where it didn’t exist…

I was very well aware of that, I was simply speculating what would transpire were they to go against each other.

The Wave Beam is the strongest beam in Metroid Fusion.

That’s actually debatable. Since beams stack, the wave beam + plasma beam would be stronger than the plasma alone, but also stronger than wave alone… well, how much does plasma increase damage compared to how much wave increases it? That’d tell us which is actually stronger, I guess, although plasma was and always has been intended to be her ultimate beam (when it exists).