HUGE black spot

Has anybody noticed that there’s a HUGE black spot in the middle of the desert over 4 miles in diameter? Or, at least, i’ve been led to believe this. Go here, and type into the space provided exactly as presented: 24 52’ 23.81" N 17 49’ 24.22" E. You’ll be amazed at the results.

P.S Remember to click hybrid.

I may be incorrect, but it seems as if water flowed from there long ago.

This seems like it because of the green marks that are coming out of the cave.

I highly doubt it’s a cave… Some believe that it’s just a satellite flaw.

i dont see it

U need to click hybrid, type in the stuff in italics on the first post in this topic, and zoom out a lil or else the pic wont show up.

Did you,

A. Click on hybrid?
B. Write the correct coordinates?


Or, basically what XMD said…

It looks like a verticle cave to me. Good find, though - pretty wacky.

I don’t think that’s a cave. There’s a grey spot in the middle that looks like rock. Maybe a lake? I dunno…
Once you zoom out, you can zoom back in again, try that.
Maybe someone didn’t want people to see something there, and they fogged it up so you can’t see it :O_O:

And no, in no way shape or form do I believe that theory.


But, guys, it’s not a cave. Seriously. Zoom in on it after you zoom out, and it will show you. It just kinda… fades black. And in the middle there’s a gray rock-ish thing.

Two explainations:
1.) It’s a mountain or basin of some sort that produced a very large shadow during the time of the satellite shot.
2.) It’s in Libya, right? It could be a millitary base, hence the “cover-up.”

Number two was actually MY thought… It seems a little far fetched, but whatever. What do you think that grey spot near the middle is?
Hint: Zoom in, like I said. After you zoom out. It lets you get close again.

something might have went in front of the camera and left a big shadow.

Well, if the shot was a defect, obviously it was the part that was left untouched. If it’s a base, then either the editor was too lazy to black that out, or it isn’t even a base at all and it’s a shadow because of a mountain/basin. Why doesn’t someone here go to Libya and find out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, nobody would travel to Libya just to answer this question…

GoldLeader, report to Libya! Investigate on this mysterious enemy base…

GoldLeader… Yes, sir… (I thought I was the leader…)


To me, on the left hand side of the black spot, it looks to be an oil burn. So’z maybe Google fucked up.

…that’d explain the thingy. That I saw. yeah.