What happened to the website i can’t go to http// :confused: :cry:

I dunno…I guess it’s dead.
Or they
A) Exceeded Bandwith
B) Didn’t pay the host (possible?)
C) It’s dead.

The most possible one is…:
C) It’s dead :confused:

And thereby I give you a cookie.

Sucks that sites die like that.
…Are we talking about an official nintendo site? It kinda looks like a nintendo URL setup.
If it is I guess it’s dead because of the upcoming MP3.

Yeah Metroid EU was the most awesome site to go if you wanted to know about Metroid :cry: I miss it.

It isn’t dead. If it was dead, the domain wouldn’t lead to anything, in this case, it’s redirecting to an empty /home folder. I think they’re just quitting or something.

Apparently it’s been down for half a year?

Yeah i still wonder what happened. :confused: