How will samus fight the metroids?

will she fight them like in prime (only 2d), super, zero mission, m2 or the metroid way.

How could it be anything but Prime style? She fights them without the ice beam several times. If they were classic style it’d be instant game over.

maybe like zero mission

…if you didn’t have an ice beam in zero mission you would do what?

A)die horribly
B)die horribly
C)crap yourself and then die horribly
D) all of the above!

I think KM means the movement, not what they’re damaged by. I would like the 2-D Metroid movement, since Prime’s Metroids are slow and boring. The Primes just couldn’t exactly do it any other way because they were in 3-D.

…so the question is whether they float towards you or they fly towards you with a dash move…thing…

I vote dash. This is MP, not SM we’re making.

well, i thought it would be a bit hard 2 make a 2d prime metroid fight. they cud float and when you enter thair line of vision ( they hav no eyes lol) they do that evil little laugh, then eat your energy. oh, and that thing where metroids crash into doors and die instantly. but in zero mission it looks like the metroids are facing the screen, but in prime they move in 3d. they have to face samus to get her… how will that be done in 2d?

After they’re frozen it should take three missiles to blow 'em up.
One feels cheap. But OH, so satisfying.

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lol, every time i destroy one like that, i slow down the game speed just to watch them shatter, lmao!

____> Cheat devices are baaaaaaaad…

I like to wait till they start their charge at me and a second before it hits, I freeze 'em, right on the spot. Then, if there’s an inch of space between us, I take a few steps closer and fire a missile at it.

It’d be impossible to fight them the ZM way, because you have to kill the very first one with the wave beam or powerbeam, which are two slow (even though the wave beam partially stuns). But I hate metroids so bad in prime. I get anxious anytime i get near one, and immediatly freeze it before it sees me.

i think i know how the metroids could move. they could float around and when samus gets to close, if they see her, they laugh and charge. i remember in prime how if metroids looked away you could bump into them an only loose some energy. that would be weird in 2d. but when she gets lached onto by one, she cant shoot and i dont think she can moove til she bombs it off. and one thing that will b hard to do in 2d- that part where you get the ice beam. the half pipe is in 3d, and theres stone toads so if you did it in 2d, you would need to put a stone toad guarding a door, let it eat u and bomb it. then u cud go in tha door.

like this:

that is the second worst drawing i have ever seen in my life…

…the drawing of samus fighting metroid prime is still worse though…

…the stoned toads are smiling…

what do you expect? it was done in 45 seconds! i made the toads smile cuz they looked funny.

never really thought of giant toads as funny…

…going to check that out…

also the key board controls…are just plain awkward

Still, since the metroids will fight like they do in prime, it shouldnt be to hard. If they charge, you can jump over them easier. And the Ice beam will make short work of them.

its really their decision. if they want it to make it as close to the game as possible, then they would have to do the charging. but, if they want it to be easier to fight, then they should make it like m:zm

Easier to fight??? Heck no. Untill you got the Ice beam, you’d be a friggin sitting duck. The power beam and wave beam take way to long to kill metroids, and they’d latch onto you many times before you could kill them. The MP way would be much easier.