how to make music for the game?

i was wondering how to make music for the game and or wht proram to use. post a link for the program if posibal! thank you

Any program that makes Midi’s is fine, but I can’t remember what CAD used. I knew at one point, but the name slipped my mind.

EDIT: And what’s this doing on the graphics board?


When I make music for my games, I use Noteworthy composer for doing the midis. There’s a link for it at Vg Music. Hope that helped.

Yeah, thats what CAD uses. Couldn’t remeber the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Anvil Studio to make my MIDI’s. It’s free, unless you want to buy plugins… I’m perfectly fine without any, though.

As he said, Anvil is an awesome midi program. There’s also a program called hammerhead studios or something of that sort, but I don’t have the link right now. But that one’s more for beats, anyway. also free.

Alright…I use Froot Loops…you should get it, cuz it just flat out rules…:smiley:


Frooty Loops*