How to beat the MPH last boss

It took me 37 min to beat him at first. you fire at the top of his arms make one go to the red and the other one as well. Then charge your power beam and blow off his arm and do it quickly for the other one or else his arm will grow back, and the seal spear will appear just shoot at it and repeat the process then he will go down.

Hint stick with the power beam.

And which game is this? :confused:

MP2, DUH!!! Actually, I’m not quite sure either… :sweat:

Not to be mean but what was the point of theat post. It was kind of mean and was compleat spam. if you have something to say make sure it is worth while saying before you post it on the web.

37 Minutes? You’re kidding. You didn’t even get through to the SECOND Phase?

If anyone’s curious still, he’s talking about Metroid Prime Hunters.

No, that wasn’t spam at all. Stop minimodding. I thought at first he was talking about Emporer Ing frist form. then I read the first post again and decided it probably wasn’t. So I wrote that I didn’t know either. If two people don’t know, then obviously, he made it unclear.
And thanks Enzd for clearing things up.

I should have put up Metroid Prime Hunters silly me. That just his first form his second you have to have 100% Compelete. I’m still working on or I may use an Action Replay to get 100% don’t know let. The Finale boss name on Hunters is Gorea.

Please stop being a dumbass. Even if you DIDN’T forget to say what game you meant… Why are you posting all this info about the last boss with no spoiler warnings?

Sheesh… gets to editing posts

Not to mention we really don’t need this thread. If someone needs help, they can post that in the MPH thread.

Hahaha! I just got to this boss, and I’d like to point out that his strategy SUCKS in comparison to the one I used, which is MUCH faster. Just wait til he turns red and use the imperialist on each shoulder, then imperialist the ball. The power beam has CRAP for damage output in comparison! So I won’t be unlocking this as it’s not necessary, but if you have trouble with the boss, try this, not what HE says.