How old are you?

I want to see if im in the same age group as people on this forum I was expecting the ages to be between 10-15 but if im wrong it’l be freaky seeing as how I am only 13. How old is evryone else, beacuse it seems like evryone’s older than me, and I am getting pretty damn intimidated.

10… :neutral_face:

I’m probably the oldest one here:

20 (21 in August).

me is 10

oh, thank god im not the youngest one here. The reason I posted this thing is because aura said she was 20 on another topic so I asumed that most of the people here would be around that age. :>_>: :astonished: :slight_smile: :frowning: :angry: :laughing: :confused: :smiley: :sweat: :confused::confused:

Oh… yeah… I`m 13.

Dazzy Edit: DON’T. Just don’t.


I’m a dude…lol.

Don’t feel bad Got Metroid. Almost everyone on this forum thought aura was a girl at some time or another. He just has a trend of making girly sigs, thats all :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Don’t forget everyone with a Samus/Dark Samus avatar is also wearing a girl avatar :stuck_out_tongue:.

  1. almost 16.

Same here. I turn 16 in July.

Sorry Aura, but well your sigs do have young anime girls on them. Who cares anyway. Is evryone on this forum a guy?(just seems like it.) :wink:

I’m a guy. And I’m 12.

What happened there?

I think I saw Daz do that a while back. I’d assume it was smiley spam. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was…I posted about ten of every emonticn except for Metroid which took up half the page. (:metroid: :metroid: :metroid:) times this by 10 and thats what it was,

Im 13

lol. You deserved to be warned for that. :laughing:

I’m Eighteen. I’ll be Nineteen…later (male, by the way). :wink: