how much of u guys remember this!

OH MY GOD. pukes

Yeah, I saw that a long time ago… Ughghg, the crappiness…

That’s one of the worst movies based on a game.

it was based on a game? i thought the games were based on it… >_>

LOL! I’m 13 (you hopefully knew that) and I know that the crappy movie was based on the game. But since I never saw it, I still want to see it.

People say that nintendo buyed all the copies and BURNED! lol

sorry, i failed at wroting the title of this topic

i say the copies bought ninendo and burned!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

btw… i hate that shitty movie

My grandparents actually have a copy, I should steal it and sell it on eBay.

one day, it will dissapear from there, and be seen falling off of a tall building, and a calling card will be left behind (mario was here)

I remember that. The first time I saw it, I was 5 or something. Looking back on it, it was a sad, sad movie.

I saw it roughly 4 years ago, there was nothing better to rent, so we found that lying in the corner. The only part I really liked was the kickass police car :stuck_out_tongue:

i liked the movie when i was young (maybe because it was one of the first movies that i saw in my life or because i never had played mario bros before ) but it was a cool movie for me at that time

(the goombas realy sucked XD)

I actually kinda liked it in a way >_>

The movie was weird like you all said but Yoshi was the worst of all.

the movie…how shall i put it…was oblivious to the game.

It was trying to be realistic, a feat which I doubt any movie could accomplsh. Try rationalizing the Mario Bros. Seriously. >_>

Only if it was cartoon! :smiley:>

i saw it when i was realy young so i dont remember what it was like. but i thought it was cool. then again… i thought lots of things were cool when i was 9…


how would be a zelda movie?