How many angles do you want to shoot?

in the fangame series i am making, you control aiming with the mouse, so tell me, how many directions do you think i should make for aiming? (more directions means more time spent)

  • 8 directions (standard number for a metroid title)
  • 16 directions (will take no longer than 8 directions)
  • 32 directions (will take days for sprites, longer programming)
  • 60!!! (i want this to have aiming in almost every direction)
  • 180!!! (every direction, will take a long ass time to program)
  • also, do you mind aiming with 1 arm
  • or would you like 2? (even more time)
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i think there should be 60, because already that will take quite a while (making 60 of every projectile, 60 different sprites for half one of character, and a butload of programming…did i mention lots of sprites?) also, aiming will be tough with ledge-hanging, and it will be easier if you aim with a single arm, so do you want regular aiming with a single arm (prefered for faster finish), or two (will take slightly longer).

64 angles =

i say 32 directions… that sounds just right… 16 in both directions?

im making the sprites right now, it depends on the votes, it doesn’t have to be exact (i am using my own method to decide rotation, rather than thier’s), right now i am hoping for between 40 and 80, it depends on the votes (mine counts as 2 :stuck_out_tongue:)

well, 2 (counting as 3) say 60 and 3 say 8!

i dunno why anyone would pick 8!!! (8 = teh suxxor)

32 is bettah >_>

ghah, why did i put 8 on there? really 8 doesn’t even need mouse (and the mouse will be used…WILL!)

here is a jpeg of 64 angles (total from 360)

this looks like it might be good enough, but i might make it up to 84 just to make it good rotation.

(you can also click on the image for a zoom

that will take a LONG time… but, its your choice and i respect that

i have photoshop, so that should cut it down a bit.

You know there’s such a thing as a rotating algorithm, right? Just apply one to the arm cannon graphic and move it to the appropriate position in the game. No need to waste your time spriting all of those directions when you can easily have an unlimited number of directions.

very correct in a single case, with a single object that is centered, but in my game, the arm isn’t held straight out of course, but is held ou bent at different angles like a real person would have it :smiley: , good thinking though, good to see someone else knows generally what im talking about.!

Yeah, and can’t you just program that, too? Seems to me anything would be easier than spriting 60 different directions… Just add a few more if statements when you check what to display so you can have different body sprites as well to match the armcannon position.

Seriously, you’re going to have to sprite 60 directions for every position (standing, crouching, running, jumping, wall-hanging, etc.) and have them blend smoothly together. That’s going to take you FOREVER, and it would look choppy in-game due to having to rotate to the nearest 6th degree all the time. Just mess around with the programming. That’ll save yourself a few extra hours of work AND give you a much better effect…

smartdude…you have played my metriod prime: RoMB right? You saw that i made it where you can aim 360 degrees with only 2 images! Is this the type of aiming you want? I can point you in the right direction.

i’d be willing to give you a example engine (game maker) that has slopes (works going up and down slopes) mouse aim and shows you how to warp from room to room.

nah, i got everything fine, and actually, it is only 2 objects, so it means 60 for the arm, maybe 4 for the head, and then the body is all of the rest of the stuff, so it isn’t horrible. also, ed, i would like to see an aspect of the example, because of the fact that my collisions keep getting screwed up, my masks dont work right, since it glitches whether or not i have precise collision or not, i want to check that one out right quick please.

Well i’m thinking just 32 directions.

im gone have to put the example together, if you could be more specific about the collisions question I may just be able to just suggest a course of action.