How long will it be 'til the Metroid series ends?

How long will it be 'til the Metroid series ends?

  • Never Metroid is such a great title that they will not stop making it!
  • In 21-25 games.
  • In 16-20 games.
  • In 11-15 games.
  • In 6-10 games.
  • In 1-5 games.
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I think in around 5 games the Metroid series will come to a close.

My guess is that it will go out with a bang in… 20 games :smiley:

metroid will never die. this topic should be considered spam and you should be warned for saying such things.

yeah, i agree with you, but only in the first part!

They may have plans for MPH2, MPH3, MPH4 how knows

that would be cinda cool, but you mean who and not how, right?

Nintendo would be fools to drop Metroid. It’s one of their most profitable series - it won’t end until they’re forced to end it somehow.

Basically, it makes them too much money for them to stop it.

Exactly. Because look at Capcom and megaman… How many games do they have? They’ve been making 2-4 megaman games a year. And Final Fantasy… MARIO… Zelda has a fairly large number…

Hence, around 20 games.

i think i will be dead before the time any of these series end.(you can tell what i voted for)

The metroid series should, and hopefully, never end. The series is fun, profitible for nintendo, and a great series. It should go on and on and on…

Someday, they gotta run out of ideas for suits, visors and beams. I mean, if they have new beams every Metroid game, in 20 years, Samus’ll be shooting midgets out of her arm cannon.



rasp H-lar-i-ouuusss… passes out from lack of oxygen

XD the Midget Beam!

As long as they have good ideas and all that shit they gonna continue
I think they can have metroid ideas for years… With every couple years have new consoles the posibilies gets bigger and bigger…

k, flame me for this and you’re an idiot.

I think it would be best for the Metroid series to eventually die. That is how many things are best remembered.

Hell, remember when you could never go wrong with Megaman? Hell yes, the days of Megaman 7, X, X2, and so on. Those were the days. MMX was perfect, and the fanboys flocked. Eventually the series piqued at X4. But wait. They started making games past Megaman X5. Megaman X6, X7, X8 and so on are horrible games with the same boring concept that was abused until no longer fresh. A clone of the others with just a different face. I’m no longer a MMX fanatic because of them.

(Sorry if anyone thinks otherwise but this is the example Im going to use)

It is quite possible the same fate could befall Metroid. If the series went out, Id like em to finish it all out with lets say, an online game, for longivity and replay value Metroid fans could be satisfied with for a long, long time.

However, If they can keep going, more power to em. I just don’t want the series to become stale.

Yeah, look at retro Metroid Prime 3 will (Suposedly) be the last game they make, and trust me that might be a good thing. Metroid Prime 3 might actually be better than Metroid Prime because it will be there last one. It is always smart to go out with a bang.
Although there will always be companies that want to mouch off of someone else’s glory…

I.E. Phillips I-Disk’s Zelda Games
is to
Flying Sumo Robot Cows from Mars


That’s basically what I said… :>_>:

<_< Not really. You just said go out with a bang in 20 games.

theyll drop out prime and hunters series soon and im sure…i mean there is nothing new,i think thell start something new