How do you make sprites?

Hi how do you guys make sprites? Can u teach me to make some to?

u have to use ms paint or other things

I offer lessons via AIM to help newbies start spriting. COntact information is in my profile. Gimme a ring if ya want help.

MSPaint is the best program to use for it, and the best tip I can offer: Sprite in peices. Don’t make a full body all at once; make an upper leg, lower leg, upper arm, lower arm, hand, foot, head, chest, stomach, and assemble poses from there. It’s much easier to make, and easier to sheet.

thats what i do

(don’t mean to take advantage of ur topic) where can u get MSpaint? post link plz, thanx.

  • flyinrooster

… all computers come with it. It’s under Accessories.

oh, does MS stand for MicroSoft? and thanx

  • flyinrooster

Ok thanks guys :smiley:

Geez I need those lesons I’m all shade at random parts, black outline I’m sure you get the point. can I add your aim Daz?

It’s in my profile. Why would you need to ask? If I wanted to hide, it wouldnt be advertised ^.~

Not to be helpless, but

   a) I don't have AIM, and
   b) I'm new

   Plz help  :frowning:

A lot of time and practise sort of trail and error.

Flyinrooster, do you have a MAC? That could be a problem. >.>

If you do, you can probably find PaintShotPro or some such.

Flyinrooster doesn’t have a mac. He has Game Maker 6.1 Registered! :confused: