how do you hyptnoize your self??

how do you hyptnoize yourself??
plz post if you know how! :confused:

i dont think you can, there is no magic coin on a string that can do that, nor an internet guide that can do the same, its a professional thing, the mind.

Actually, there are internet guides that can. I’ve looked it up countless times… but I haven’t seriously tried it before. Will edit with links in a sec…

What is hypnosis anyway?

… Look it up. It’s hard to explain with just a post or two.

Anyway, it certainly is possible. My mom’s done it before. But it’s far from easy.

I’m not sure this is right, but hypnosis is pretty much setting yourself into a state of half, or unconsciousness. Putting yourself in a trance, in which you’re not aware of your surroundings, or events going on around you.

Of course, this could just be my interpretation based on cartoons and stuff, but I’ve never really looked into it.

:slight_smile: all i know about hyptnoisim is that sleeping and getting hyptnoised are two way! diffrent things

…Um yeah.

I have a question.

How old are you?

BTW, it’s spelled hypnosis, hypnotized and hypnotize.
Not hyptnoisim, hyptnoised, and hyptnoize.
Alternatively, you can replace the z with an s, for hypnotised, and hypnotise.

why do you want to know my age?

Don’t worry, i’m not a pedifile/stalker. I was just wondering because of some of the statements you made. Nevermind. Sorry if I offended you. :frowning:

Just lt me take out my notes on hyptnoisim and tell you how to hyptnoise yourself. :unamused: (Not everyone know these kinds of things…)
Okay, I’ll lay off this kid, because he’s probably just foreign…

But seriously, why do you want to hypnotize yourself?

Just foreign?? Most people here are “foreign” to me, seeing as how they dont live in the US. That’s a great way to make friends.

Well that’s why this is a forum. SOMEBODY on the forum MIGHT know something about hypnotism.
Things are looking to the contrary though.


um… wow. And you found those… where?

:sweat: I guess it’s kinda hard to show sarcasm on a forum, soo…

that realy worked, wow


But seriously, lern2google.

Yeah, there REALLY wasnt a good reason to start a thread. But its been done, and we’ve learned something.

I guess I was more surprised that you actually took the time to go find those links to help someone who hasn’t even been active since he posted the first post. And i’m not wasting my time searching through google search results.