how do i make sprites good?

currently i make some decent sprites, which are for outbreak (the environments and sprites are not extremely detailed like i wanted them to be, but they are surely good enough).

So anyway, here is the question, currently, i create sprites one pixel at a time, slowly following patterns i use for shading, and they end up fine (though it takes a lot of time to finish), is there a better way to make sprites?! Please, any help is respected very much! :slight_smile:


What Tim said, “Practice”

start with simple edits, then go up from there. thats how i started.

same. And practice! :smiley:>

i started by doing recolours on runescape classic

EDIT: wow posted in the same minute CM did

umm… there’s really no easy way to get around the “1 px at a time thing”, and if u use fancy shmancy photoshop techneques, they come up looking like crap. you must go 1 px at a time. as a suggestion though, i might start off with small things, as its more pixles to add =p


I made shitloads of graphics with my old Amiga 500, and most of it was big images pixeled with Deluxe Paint.

Most of my sprites are so big that I could use them in games with HDTV resolution (1920x1080px), and that is NOT recomended to start with (I will never post them, so don’t ask me to). Start of with sprites that will work in games that use 320x240px resolution, and then work your way up to 640x480px.

You will get better at details and animation, and one day in the distant future, you will feel yourself surrounded by the force.

here is no way to get around the “one pixel at a time thing”, so late nights and isolation from the rest of the world is the only way to get better.

Practice and A lot to.

My varia corruption is looking good. And thats the only way to make a good sprites.