How do I make midi replicas?

I want to help P2D with music, obviously I need to know how to make replicas… but I don’t. So if anybody has any instructions, they will be greatly accepted.

google ‘midi sequencer’
Also google ‘Metroid prime OST’
Mess around, and practice!

How to make an exact MIDI replica:
Highlight the MIDI and ctrl+c. Click away and ctrl+v.

Also, a good MIDI editor would be Anvil Studio. It’s definitely not the best, but it’s free and it’s what I use.

There’s no way to create a perfect MIDI version of a track from, say, Metroid Prime, but with a musical ear, practice, and time, you can get them about as close as MIDI can get. Of course, we ended up going for remixing all the tracks anyway, so accuracy isn’t that important. :stuck_out_tongue:

Troid, what have you done to your name?

It was a joke from a topic in the workplace. I’m back to normal now.

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