How can i

Hi im really interested in this project me and my friend are in the middle of making our own metroid game and im a avid gamemaker user anyway i wanted to ask if i could help you guys and girls with your project im pretty good at doing sprites and i know the basic functions of game maker like making variables and the like and to top that ive already gotta a load of stuff from my game like metroid sprites which are all original like hunter metroids ,zoomers that sort of stuff and also ive done the programming for my metroid enemys like there life sapping ability so could i join your team as a sprite artist? :confused:

Sure, post some stuff you made, if the team approves it, you’re on the team.
Your sprites HAVE to be original, so no edits from other sprites.

this needs locking.


That’s something the mods and admins will decide.
Don’t bump old topis

bah… y do ppl always make a post about helping, then leave w/o a trace? >.>