How 'big' IS this forum anyway

Whats far vertically do you go (how tall)

  • 60in, 5ft , 1.524 meter or smaller
  • 60in, 5ft , 1.524 meter -to- 66in, 5.5ft, 1.6764 meter
  • 66in, 5.5ft, 1.6764 meter -to- 72in, 6ft, 1.8288 meter
  • 72in, 6ft, 1.8288 meter -to- 78in, 6.5ft, 1.9812 meter
  • 78in, 6.5ft, 1.9812 meter or greater
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Who would we actually LOOK up to in this forum :unamused:

Feel free to post your exact height if you want. I’m 76in, 6.33ft, 1.9304 meter

to modmins, this poll is ok right?

I’m only 5.70ft. D:

Sure, why not?

I’m 1m84, which is i dunno how many feet and inches…

easy, your 184 cm right, 184/2.54 = 72.44in /12= 6.03 ft

us americans had to learn the conversions highschool math and science because the rest of the world, and the scientific community use metric

Yeah, it sucks :sweat: Anyway, I’m just below 6ft. (I think it’s 5,10-11)

Im about 6,3. Mabye a little less. Both sides of my family are really tall.

But so far on this forum, you guys are pretty tall.

5,6 . But its a nice height for people my age.

havn’t been to docter recently, thus my lazy ass doesn’t know, i know im pretty tall though, mind you not a basketballplayer, but, still a good 6 feet at least.

a little over 5’5" i have no idea how to convert to metric cause im american and too lazy to go find out how.


Meh, I’m like 1.40 Meters, I’m short for my age and I’m kinda young :smiley:

uh… i think im like 5’3" O_o

6.4, booyah.

6.3 1/2 close to 6.4, I like beign tall.


heh i used to be the shortest person around (at school or whatnot) but then i grew a lot this last year.

I’m 4ft 11 no I’m not a little person,I’m a pre-teen

Actually, in my old grade school, there were alot of people even in 8th that were under 5ft. Occasionally there was a “gaint” (like me) but they were mostly short. The scary thing was there were alot of short people in the lower grades. Looking at them lining up in the morning was kind of wierd because people from a higher grade could easily blend into the one before them (average size-wise of course).

im 6 feet something but i still thing i can take dazuro easy :smiling_imp:

Five feet, eleven inches. By the time I’m fully grown, I’m expecting to be around 6’2", given that even my mom is 6’1".